PYREX Crystallizing Dishes

Brand: Corning
SKU: 89056
Model # Min. in packBrandPriceQuantity
08-741A (CS) Case of 4 PK Corning $412.84
08-741A (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $140.57
08-741B (CS) Case of 4 PK Corning $402.21
08-741B (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $136.90
08-741C (CS) Case of 3 PK Corning $329.05
08-741C (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $149.48
08-741D (CS) Case of 3 PK Corning $404.22
08-741D (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $183.54
08-741E (CS) Case of 3 PK Corning $509.57
08-741E (PK) Pack of 4 Corning $231.49
08-741F (CS) Case of 2 PK Corning $450.59
08-741F (PK) Pack of 4 Corning $306.98
08-741G (CS) Case of 4 PK Corning $541.73
08-741G (PK) Pack of 2 Corning $184.43
08-741H (CS) Case of 3 PK Corning $481.38
08-741H (PK) Pack of 2 Corning $218.15


PYREX crystallizing dishes are essential for any laboratory. These round containers are made of borosilicate glass with reinforced rims that are fire-polished to reduce chipping. They are built for repeated autoclaving – wet or dry. Store or crystallize cultures on these heavy-duty Pyrex glass dishes.

PYREX Crystallizing Dishes Features:


  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Reinforced rims are fire-polished to prevent chipping Ideal for storage and crystallization
  • Designed for repeated autoclaving (wet or dry)

PYREX Crystallizing Dishes Specifications:


  • Autoclavable: yes
  • Disposable: no
  • Material: Pyrex
  • Product type: crystallizing dish
  • Application: ideal for storage and crystallization