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About Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol is an organic compound with the formula CH2OH2. It is a 1,2- glycol compound. Ethylene oxide reacts with water to produce ethylene glycol. Its main purposes are for antifreeze formulations, and raw material in the manufacturing process of polyester fibers. It is a colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting, viscous liquid. Ethylene glycol is toxic and ingestion of sufficient amounts can be fatal. The first person to produce ethylene glycol was a French chemist named Charles Adolphe-Wurtz, in 1856.

Ethylene Glycol Uses

Ethylene glycol has many uses. It is used to manufacture polyester fiber for clothing, upholstery, carpet, and pillows. It is used in antifreeze; because it helps to keep your car’s engine from freezing. In the summer ethylene glycol acts as a coolant to keep your car from overheating. Ethylene glycol is used to manufacture fiberglass for products like jet skis, bathtubs, and bowling balls. Another use is to produce polyethylene terephthalate resin. Which is a recyclable plastic like a water bottle. Lab Alley has ethylene glycol for sale in a range of options. You can order 500ml, 4L, 20L, and 5 Gallons. 

Lab Grade (L/G) Ethylene Glycol for Sale Online

Lab grade ethylene glycol is not suitable for use in food, drugs, or medicine. Although lab grade ethylene glycol is of relatively high purity. Its exact levels of impurities are unknown. Chemicals that are labeled as “lab grade” usually meet BP or USP standards. Alternate names for laboratory grade are laboratory reagent (LR), UNILAB, Chemically Pure (CP). It is useful to be aware of all terms used for “lab grade”. Lab grade chemicals are often used in educational settings. It is also suitable in labs for general laboratory applications. Many people purchase lab grade chemicals from Lab Alley. You can order 500ml, 4L, 20L, and 5 gallons of lab grade ethylene glycol from Lab Alley. If you would like to see a table outlining the different purity levels and suggested uses of various grades, click here.

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Uninhibited ethylene glycol is commonly used as a heat transfer fluid. It is cost effective and it is a great freeze and heat protectant for a wide temperature range. It is miscible with water and has a low conductivity. Some disadvantages to keep in mind while using uninhibited ethylene glycol is that it is easy to degrade and after it degrades it promotes corrosion. It is also difficult to monitor, because it absorbs water from the atmosphere. When using uninhibited ethylene glycol, it is prone to frequent fluid changing. There are experiments that show that uninhibited ethylene glycol will degrade into five organic acids – glycolic, glyoxylic, formic, carbonic, and oxalic – in the presence of heat, oxygen, copper and aluminum. The acids will then chemically attack copper and aluminum in the right conditions in as little as three weeks. According to many chemical resistance guides, they say copper, aluminum and other metals are acceptable for use with uninhibited ethylene glycol. On the other hand, inhibited ethylene glycol is a blend of antifreeze that has corrosion inhibitors added to the blend. Ethylene glycol has been used in antifreeze since 1926. In the past it has been used more commonly than propylene glycol. But ethylene glycol poisoning is a problem when it is used in households. Propylene glycol has been a great substitute when used in antifreeze.

Ethylene Glycol Safety and Hazards

Ethylene glycol is toxic to humans, it should be handled with care. It has a faint sweet taste and the body will break it down into toxic compounds when ingested. It will first affect the central nervous system, then the heart, and finally the kidneys. Ethylene glycol is odorless, so it does not provide any warning for inhalation exposure. To learn more about the classification hazard for ethylene glycol click here. Ethylene glycol toxicity commonly occurs through ingestion, breathing vapors, and eye exposure. If exposure occurs; fomepizole and ethanol are effective antidotes. Severe poisoning is potentially fatal if treatment is inadequate or delayed. If personal is not trained in appropriate procedure for treating ethylene glycol exposure, you should call a local HAZMAT team for assistance. For more information about ethylene glycol hazards click here. When handling ethylene glycol wear protective equipment with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, and clothing. Ethylene glycol should be kept in a dry and well-ventilated location. The containers should be tightly closed and be kept away from heat and ignition sources. There are steps that can be taken to prevent ethylene glycol hazards; clean up any and all spills immediately, check equipment for leaks, store it in sealed containers, and do not allow children around containers of ethylene glycol.

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