Corning Disposable Bacteriological Pipets

Corning Disposable Bacteriological Pipets

Brand: Corning
SKU: 13-669-20C
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Corning Disposable Bacteriological Pipets are disposable 2.2ml borosilicate glass pipets. They also meet the requirements of the American Public Health Association as shown in "Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products." They are also used for gravity feed. The cotton plugged pipets are packed in sterile bags. Hence several pipets can be used at a given time without contamination of the entire case. It is easy to identify the size because of the new I.S.O color coding which is printed directly on the strip.

Corning Disposable Bacteriological Pipets Features:

  • 250 pieces in one packet
  • 2.2ml capacity
  • Bacteriological pipet
  • Round tip shape
  • Sterile
  • Length 274