Petroleum Ether ACS

Petroleum Ether ACS

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C6000

Model # Description BrandPriceQuantity
C6000-500ml Petroleum Ether ACS, 500ml Lab Alley $25.03
C6000-1L Petroleum Ether, 1L Lab Alley $45.09
C6000-4L Petroleum Ether ACS, 4L Lab Alley $100.16
C6000-5gal Petroleum Ether ACS, 5gal Lab Alley $300.50
Hazmat Fee - Required Lab Alley $33.00


Petroleum Ether ACS Features:

CAS Number 8032-32-4
Boiling Range 35�-60�C
Acidity To Pass Test
Color (APHA) 10
Residue after Evaporation 1 ppm
Fluorescence Background 1 ppb
Halogenated Residue by GC-ECD (as heptachlor Epoxide) 5 ppt
Water 0.02%

Petroleum Ether ACS Shipping Information:
DOT: Petroleum distillate, n.o.s. (ligroin), 3, UN1268, PG II, Hazmat Fee Required

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Petroleum Ether ACS.

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