May 20, 2019


Austin, TX – Lab Alley’s ( recently added Pentane, also known as n-Pentane (Normal Pentane) to its solvent product mix inventory, offering competitive pricing and faster delivery dates. Lab Alley now carries Pentane and n-Pentane in all major packaging sizes ranging from bulk Pentane volumes such as 55-gallon drums to smaller volumes like 500mL bottles. All of the Pentane and n-Pentane solvents are stocked in Pennsylvania, Texas and Southern and Northern California warehouses. All orders for Pentane and n-Pentane are shipped same-day or next-day to cater to customers that desperately need fast delivery timelines.

n-Pentane is used as a solvent and in many industrial applications such paints, coatings, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. Pentanes are used as solvents in laboratories, for extraction processes, as a reagent and as fuel components. Pentane, a hydrocarbon, has properties that are similar to butanes and hexanes. n-Pentane is used for the extraction and eluting of distillates, concentrates, volatiles and essential oils from plant materials. n-Pentane can be used with hydrocarbon extraction systems that extract oils and from plants.

“Pentane and n-Pentane are critical solvents that are used for extraction process and eluting of concentrates. Therefore it is a critical solvent that is used in the manufacturing of products so it is really important that companies have this available and delivered in a timely manner or else their manufacturing process stops!”, says Fred Elabed, Partner of Lab Alley LLC. One of the delivery challenges with Pentane and n-Pentane is that the larger volumes between 4 liters and 55 gallon drums are Hazardous material which means the solvent cannot have expedited shipping (2 day or overnight). Per UPS and FedEx guidelines larger volumes of Pentane and n-Pentane can only be shipped using Ground service. Because of the larger volumes of Pentane and n-Pentane being Hazardous, it’s important that this item be in stock in strategic locations close to the customer so they can get it within 2 days instead of 2 weeks. Lab Alley has Pentane and n-Pentane in stock in all major packaging sizes on the East Coast, Southwest, and West Coast to give the customer a great price and fastest delivery time within the industry. Lab Alley also has Pentane and n-Pentane available in small volumes from 500mL - 1 liter bottles that are non-Hazmat and can be expedited shipped overnight or 2 day air to the customer.“By having Pentane and n-Pentane in stock in all major sizes and multiple warehouses across the USA and having a acute understanding of the entire shipping and delivery process, Lab Alley is able to offer Pentane and n-Pentane to any company with most competitive pricing and fastest delivery times within the industry,” adds Fred Elabed.

Lab Alley offers Pentane and n-Pentane for a variety of research, industrial, and educational uses. Pentane and n-Pentane selections are offered in a wide variety of sizes to cater to each customer usage needs from a 500mL and 4 liter bottles, 5 gallon pals, and 55 gallon drums to 270 gallon totes.

Pentane and N-Pentane

Pentane and N-Pentane, 500 mL Bottle

Pentane and N-Pentane, 1L Bottle

Pentane and N-Pentane, 4L Bottle

Pentane and N-Pentane, 5 Gallon Pal

Pentane and N-Pentane, 55 Gallon Drum

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