December 26, 2022

Austin-based essential chemical e-commerce company reports significant revenue growth from organic product line due to rising demand for companies seeking to go all natural.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Lab Alley is one of the very few chemical companies across the country that offers an organic ethanol product line. Most of them only carry regular food grade ethanol, but not organic. CEO and Co-Founder of Lab Alley, Fred Elabed, said “I knew when we added this organic alcohol product line to our portfolio a few years ago it was going to be a success. More and more companies are going natural whether it be using organic ethanol as a raw material in their product, for botanical extraction, or many other applications and uses. I envision our organic ethanol product line to continue to grow exponentially due to everyone going all natural and organic. I also love that this product line aligns with the Lab Alley mission "We supply essential chemicals to make a better world".

According to research, the global ethyl alcohol market will continue to grow exponentially. In fact, between the years 2016 and 2021, “the ethanol market registered a growth of 3.9%” and is “predicted to reach US$ 109 Bn (billion) in 2022 and surpass US$ 170 Bn by the end of 2032” (Future Market Insights (2022, September 29), Ethanol Market to Register US$ 170 Bn Revenue by the end of 2032 Owing to Increasing Usage of Ethanol as Fuel, Cision PR Newswire, While most of this is attributed to the rise in use for biofuel production, there is also a marked consumer increase in demand for all natural, organic products, and companies in the botanical or personal care and cosmetics industries are looking for natural and organic ingredients for their extraction or infusion processes and for creating high-quality health and wellness and beauty products.

Lab Alley carries several different types and proofs of organic ethanol, including Certified Organic Ethanol made from Sugar Cane 190 Proof, Certified Organic Ethanol made from Corn 190 Proof, and finally, Certified Organic Ethanol made from Corn 200 Proof. Each one of these products are in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days. No other company can do that, and the revenue growth proves that undoubtedly. These products can be used for many different end uses and applications, and we mostly see customers from the botanical and personal care and cosmetics industries purchasing our high-quality organic ethanol.

CEO and Founder Benjamin Lillibridge of Malama Mushrooms, a superfood mushroom company based in Hawaii, uses Lab Alley’s 190 Proof Certified Organic Sugarcane Ethanol “>to do a dual-extract of local lion's mane mushroom, a mushroom that has clinical evidence showing it helps with brain & memory health”. He also stated that mushrooms have both water soluble and fat soluble compounds and that our sugarcane ethanol is strong enough to pull out those extracts. According to Mr. Lillibridge, “the ethanol is essential to provide those specific medicinal compounds”.

Organic and food-grade chemicals are one of the fastest-growing segments within the chemical industry, and companies are willing to invest in organic and food-grade chemicals to support a healthier population and planet.

About Lab Alley

Lab Alley is a thriving woman-owned essential chemical e-commerce company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Our mission is to provide essential chemicals to make a better world. Our goal is to supply daily-use essential food and plant-based natural organic chemicals – on-budget and on-time, every time. We ship high purity chemicals and ingredients to our valued customers who are making a difference in all industries.

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