Job Title: Operations Manager

Join one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Austin, Texas! Lab Alley is a leader for chemicals and solvents within the Chemical and Science industry, with the ultimate goal of becoming the Amazon for chemicals.Lab Alley has experienced significant growth with over 30,000 customers and growing each day. The company’s vision is to grow the business six-fold over the next 3 years. We are deemed an “essential business” as our products are shipped all over the country and used to help people stay safe.

Job Description:

New role! Lab Alley currently is seeking a dynamic, organized, take charge, and mentally tough Operations Manager to help us streamline, optimize, and scale operations.Report to the CEO,be part of a growing executive team, and lead our tactical and strategic initiatives.We are looking for an organized and operationally focused individual with a chemistry background and or degree, who can work with a growing small company to lead our operations department, successfully manage the company’s operations from A – Z,and do whatever it takes to continue to grow the company.

If you have Chemistry experience, you can operate in a very fast-paced environment and be willing to learn and work hard; this position can be the growth opportunity of a lifetime!

Get in on the ground floor!!

Huge growth opportunity!

We are looking for someone with a Chemistry background that loves science!

We need a flawless operations executor!

We need someone that is going to roll their sleeves up and work hard!

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  • Operations leadership. Lead the company’s operations department.
  • Practices and procedures. Develop, maintain, and execute practices and procedures to streamline and scale operations and optimize customer order shipping output.
  • Optimize shipping output of customer orders. Develop strategies and systems to ensure all customer orders are shipped on-time, cost-effectively, undamaged, with no hazmat discrepancies or issues. Shipments are shipped safely, within compliance, and do not sacrifice quality.
  • Safety, regulatory compliance, and quality. Develop strategies and systems to ensure we have safety, regulatory compliance, and quality standards.
  • Operations plan. Develop and help execute an operations plan that covers the shipping, safety, regulatory, quality standards, and other operational components. This will help to ensure operations are optimized/efficient and running smoothly.
  • Operational frictionless flow. Develop strategies and systems to ensure the operations optimized/efficient and flowing frictionless.
  • Operations and shipping cost reduction. Develop strategies and systems to reduce operations and shipping costs and expenses. Focus on managing key operational costs that produce a big impact (Shipping, etc.).
  • New product and market identification. Alert CEO and management on potential new products and markets that present opportunities for the company based on order and shipping analytics.
  • Inventory management and optimization for the biggest ROI. Develop strategies and systems that will manage and optimize inventory to generate the biggest return on investment for the company.
  • Technology for operational efficiency. Utilize technology for operational efficiency and for improved customer experience.
  • Personnel management of operation department. Managing operations personnel to ensure operations are running optimally and personnel are adequately trained.
  • Work with internal and external teams and resources.
  • Administrative and reporting. Run administrative data and reports needed to achieve the results statement.


  • REQUIRED: Chemistry background and or Chemistry degree
  • REQUIRED: Strong organizational and operational skills
  • REQUIRED: At least 2 years of operations experience
  • REQUIRED: Must be willing to relocate to Austin, Texas and work in our Spicewood, TX facility REQUIRED: Chemistry background and or Chemistry deg
  • Strong tech-savvy skills (MS Excel, Google Suite apps, etc.)
    Start-up, entrepreneurial mindset
  • "Bust the door down" mentality
  • Need to play multiple roles
  • Resilient
  • Strong work ethic and commitment
  • Self-starter
  • Organized
  • Efficient

To apply for this awesome position, please contact Fred Elabed via e-mail at