Safety and Apparel

We offer an unparalleled selection for all the major product categories within laboratory safety supplies and equipment such as Apparel, Chemical Storage, Controlled Environment, Ear Protection, Emergency Response, Eye & Face Protection, First Aid, Gloves, Hand & Skin Care, Radiation Protection, Respirators, Spill Control, and many other categories of laboratory safety supplies.

At Lab Alley, we know how much safety products matter! They can prevent many injuries before they occur. Safety equipment not only protects your workers but also limits expenses from workers’ compensation and loss of productivity. Lab Alley offers a wide range of laboratory safety supplies and equipment to keep your laboratory safe, productive, and compliant. Our lab safety supplies and equipment can help you run a successful lab safety program.

We pledge to you that we will offer laboratory safety supplies for your exact specifications with quality, on budget, and fast delivery you can count on every time!

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