“We have more than doubled our sales last year!”
- Michael Harris - Wao Kele Farm established 2002

Because of COVID-19 many small business owners saw a significant decrease in sales but Michael Harris of Wao Kele Farm experienced something different.

Our best-selling product is honey. We take and make extracts with 200 proof food-grade alcohol from Lab Alley to make our Honey which is a very good seller. Our mainland order has been growing since the beginning of last year. Everyone is happy with our products.”

Michael runs his business in Hawaii so he was very careful in which supplier to work with and found Lab Alley was the perfect choice because the price point in shipping to Hawaii was within budget and he loved the quality of the alcohol.

By adding the extracts, it really makes high-grade honey. The infusion just can’t be beaten. The alcohol itself has just made the honey process pristine. We’ve tried store bought alcohol and alcohol from local sources but it typically adds a flavor at the end… it's just not conducive to making nice extracts…The Lab Alley product has just been perfect for this.”

Wao Kele Farm is a trusted supplier to Meadmakers all over the United States and he loves the partnerships he’s created through the honey-making process.

We don’t use chemicals in the processing. We use organic processes. We sell top-grade honey and it just made sales boom… it's a better product for them [meadmakers] which means sales are higher for us.”

Despite the hurdles COVID brought on to small businesses, Michael and his family-run business have experienced the taste of sweet success through their partnership with Lab Alley.