Corning 96-Well Half-Area Plates

Brand: Corning
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Corning 96-Well Half-Area Plates have half the growth area of a standard 96 well plate. They have flat bottoms with 190µL as total volume. Luminescent signals are enhanced by the white walled plates. Also, they have low background luminescence and fluorescence. The walls are opaque to prevent well-to-well crosstalk. To reduce contamination, nonreversible lids with condensation rings are provided. They are non-pyrogenic and also sterilized by gamma radiation. They are packed in bulk with 20 per bag. The quantity per pack is 20nos. The quantity per CS is 100nos. It has a 96 well plate format with half area features. The plate color is solid white. Has a flat well bottom of white color. The well shape is round. The well volume is 190 µL. The cell growth area is 0.16 cm². The surface is TC-treated. It is sterilized. The lids are also provided. 



Corning 96-Well Half-Area Plates Features:



  • Polystyrene


  • Has flat wells


  • Has alphanumeric grid


  • Standard external dimensions compatible with most plate readers


  • For cell culture and colorimetric (absorbance) assays clear micro plates are used


  • For fluorescent and luminescent assays Black and white micro plates can be used


  • Black reduces well-to-well crosstalk and background for fluorescent assays


  • White reduces well-to-well crosstalk to enhance luminescent signals and reduce background for luminescent assays


  • No of wells: 96


  • Format: 96-well half-area


  • Working volume is 25-125 µL


  • Well volume is 50-100 µL 


Corning 96-Well Half-Area Plates Specifications:



  • Volume (Metric) Well: 190μL