Corning CELLine Disposable Bioreactor

Corning Celline Disposable Bioreactor is a product with the purpose for production of antibody and recombinant protein. They are sold quantities of one or three at a time.

Corning Celline Disposable Bioreactor Features:

  • Capacity of 1000 ml
  • Disposable
  • Blue vent cap identifies the nutrient supply chamber port
  • Solid white cap identifies the cell growth chamber port
  • Consists of two membranes

Corning Celline Disposable Bioreactor Specifications:

  • Disposable: Yes
  • For Use With (Application): Antibody and recombinant Protein production
  • Capacity (Metric): 1000mL

Corning CELLine Disposable Bioreactor

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