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Corning Nylon Syringe Filters

Corning Nylon Syringe Filters
Brand: Corning

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Corning Nylon Syringe Filters are known to have polypropylene copolymer housings, female luer lock inlets, and male luer slip outlets.

Corning Nylon Syringe Filters Features:

  • Used for tissue culture and HPLC

  • Has a diameter of 25mm

  • Made of nylon

  • Has a volume of 0.5 to 100ml in metric

  • Can hold a volume of 150 microliters after air purge

  • Polypropylene is used as the tip material

  • Has a pressure rating of 87psi and it is known to be a type of syringe filter

  • Has a pressure rating of 87psi

  • The filter is 100% integrity tested and certified to be nonpyrogenic and noncytoxc

  •  ISO 9002 compliant

  • Nylon helps it to be naturally hydrophilic and therefore it requires no wetting agents

  • Has a good chemical compatibility and is ideally used in most organic samples

  • The NY membranes are certified to not cause peaks in the UV region and also in HPLC applications

Corning Nylon Syringe Filters Specifications:

  • Applications: For tissue culture and HPLC

  • Volume (Metric): 0.5 to 100mL

  • Material: Nylon (NYL)

  • Tip Material: Polypropylene

  • Diameter (Metric): 25mm

  • Hold up Volume (After Air Purge): 150μL

  • Pressure Rating: 87psi

  • Type: Syringe Filter


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