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Corning SFCA Syringe Filters

Corning SFCA Syringe Filters
Brand: Corning

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Corning SFCA Syringe Filters is known to have acrylic copolymer housings female luer lock inlets and male luer slip outlets.

Corning SFCA Syringe Filters Features:

  • The syringe filter is used for tissue applications and HPLC

  • Has a diameter of 26mm

  • Has a pressure rating of 87psi and its volume in metric is 0.5 to 100ml.

  • Can hold up a volume of 100 microliters after air purge

  • Tip material of the syringe filter is made up of acrylic

  • The filter is 100% integrity tested and certified to be nonpyrogenic and nontoxic

  • Contains a surfactant free cellulose acetate which has lowest protein binding

  • The filter has the pore size and membrane type printed on it. All the sterile filters are individually blister wrapped in the cases of 50 and also it is same for the non-sterile ones

  • Has effective filtration capacity and the areas are 25-45% larger than all other brands

Corning SFCA Syringe Filters Specifications:

  • Applications: For tissue culture and HPLC

  • Volume (Metric): 0.5 to 100mL

  • Pressure Rating: 87psi

  • Type: Syringe Filter

  • Diameter (Metric): 26mm

  • Hold up Volume (After Air Purge): 100μL

  • Tip Material: Acrylic


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