Falcon Disposable Aspirating Pipettes

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Falcon Disposable Aspirating Pipettes are manufactured from polystyrene. It is used for tissue culture usage.  Also, it can be used for any non-toxic solution which requires aspirating or dispensing in a sterile environment.



Falcon Disposable Aspirating Pipettes Features:




  • Used to remove spent media from tissue culture vessels
  • Repackaging and autoclaving is not needed
  • Unplugged and ungraduated
  • Nonpyrogenic and sterilized
  • Wrapped in plastic or thermoformed paper
  • Class l medical compliant
  • Made of polystyrene

Falcon Disposable Aspirating Pipettes Specifications:




  • Certifications/Compliance: Class I Medical
  • For Use With (Application): For tissue culture usage or any non-toxic solution that requires aliquot or aspirating, dispensing in a sterile environment
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Sterile: Yes