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Falcon Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes

Falcon Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes
Brand: Corning

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Falcon Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes are known to be round bottom test tubes which have a rating of 3,000 RCF. Each of these tubes is provided with white graduations and a writing patch. They are known to be packaged individually and come in a dual position which helps to offer both vented and fully closed positions. They are packaged 500 per case.

Falcon Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes Features:

  • Color: Clear

  • Made up of polypropylene

  • Round shape

  • Disposable in nature

  • Have an RCF rating of 3000*G

  • Snap caps are also available here

  • Have dimensions of 17*100mm and have printed graduations from 0.5 to 14ml in 0.5l increments

  • Provided with the solvent resistant white surface area

  • Known to be heavy, durable and they have dual position snap cap which provides easy handling. They have a screw or are without a cap

  • Some tubes have individual packaging which uses medical style packaging materials and allows aseptic access

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