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Kimble KIMAX GL 45 Media Storage Bottles

Brand: Kimble

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SKU: 02-542A
Graduations: 20 to 80mL, Height (English): 3.93 in.
SKU: 02-542B
Graduations: 50 to 200mL, Height (English): 5.4 in.
SKU: 02-542C
Graduations: 100 to 400mL, Height (English): 6.9 in.
SKU: 02-542D
Graduations: 100 to 900mL, Height (English): 8.8 in.
SKU: 02-542E
Graduations: 400 to 1800mL, Height (English): 10.3 in.

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Kimble KIMAX GL 45 Media/Storage Bottles Specifications:



Closure Material: Polypropylene



Diameter (English) Inner Neck: 1.18 in.



Diameter (Metric) Inner Neck: 30mm



Closure Type: Screw



Closure Color: Blue



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