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Lauryl Alcohol, Lab Grade

Lauryl Alcohol, Lab Grade

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C4676
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C4676-100g Lab Alley $22.74
C4676-2.5kg Lab Alley $200.55
C4676-500g Lab Alley $57.31


Lauryl alcohol, is an organic compound produced industrially from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. It is a fatty alcohol. Sulfate esters of lauryl alcohol, especially sodium lauryl sulfate, are very widely used as surfactants. Sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate are all used in shampoos. Lauryl alcohol is tasteless and colorless with a floral odor.

Lauryl Alcohol Lab Features:

CAS Number 112-53-8
Molecular Formula C12H24O2
Formula Weight 186.33
Assay Min. 92%