Ortho Toluidine, 99%, 500mL

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O-toluidine appears as a clear colorless or light yellow liquid. May become reddish brown on exposure to air and light. Flash point 185°F. 

o-Toluidine (ortho-toluidine) is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3C6H4NH2. It is the most important of the three isomeric toluidines. It is a colorless liquid although commercial samples are often yellowish. It is a precursor to the herbicides metolachlor and acetochlor. It is a toxic substance harmful to the eyes, skin, and when swallowed or inhaled. ortho-Toluidine can cause cancer.

  • o-Toluidine PubChem CID‎: ‎7242
  • o-Toluidine Synonyms‎: ‎o-Toluidine2-Methylaniline95-53-4...
  • o-Toluidine Molecular Weight‎: ‎107.15 g/mol
  • o-Toluidine Molecular Formula‎: ‎C7H9N or C6H4CH3NH2
  • o-Toluidine Flash Point‎: ‎85 °C (185 °F; 358 K)
  • o-Toluidine Autoignition temperature‎: ‎481.67 °C (899.01 °F; ...
  • o-Toluidine CAS Number‎: ‎95-53-4
  • o-Toluidine Vapor pressure‎: ‎0.307531 mmHg (25 °C)
  • Toluidine Blue PubChem CID: 7084 

o-Toluidine Uses 

ortho-Toluidine is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of the large-volume herbicides, metolachlor and acetochlor, in the manufacture of more than 90 dyes and pigments (e.g. acid-fast dyestuffs, azo pigment dyes, triarylmethane dyes, sulfur dyes, and indigo compounds), and as an intermediate for synthetic rubber. Read more here.

o-Toluidine Synthesis

o-Toluidine is produced industrially by nitration of toluene to give mixture of nitrotoluenes, favoring the ortho isomer. This mixture is separated by distillation. 2-Nitrotoluene is hydrogenated to give o-toluidine. Read more here.

o-Toluidine, 500ml Features:

CAS Number 95-53-4
Molecular Formula C7H9N
Formula Weight 107.15
Assay (by GC)

Min. 99%


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