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Perchloric Acid, ACS Grade, 60%

Perchloric Acid, ACS Grade, 60%
Brand: Lab Alley

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SKU: C5980-500ml
Perchloric Acid 60% ACS, 500ml
SKU: C5980-2.5L
Perchloric Acid 60% ACS, 2.5L

Perchloric Acid 60% ACS Features:

CAS Number 7601-90-3
Molecular Formula HClO4
Formula Weight 100.46
Assay 60.0-62.0%
Color (APHA) 10
Residue after Ignition 0.003%
Silicate and Phosphate 5 ppm
Chloride 0.001%
Nitrogen Compounds 0.001%
Sulfate 0.001%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 1 ppm
Iron 1 ppm

Perchloric Acid 60% ACS Shipping Information:
DOT: Perchloric acid, 5.1, UN1873, PG I

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