Petroleum Bacon Bomb Sampler, 3-3/8"D x 16"H, 1000mL


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Petroleum Bacon Bomb Sampler, 32 oz., 1000mL, 3-3/8"D x 16"H Features: 

Certifications/Compliance ASTM D4057-95
Coating Heavy Nickel
Product Type  Petroleum Bacon Bomb Sampler
For Use With (Application) Ideal for obtaining samples at various levels of any liquid
Includes Threaded plunger
Material Brass and Bronze

32 oz., 1000mL

3-3/8"D x 16"H

  • Weighted sampler obtains samples of any liquid
  • Automatically opens when plunger touches bottom
  • Manually opens at desired depth with a pull cord or extension rod
  • Sampler closes when lifted and can be locked for transport
  • No O-rings to wear out or lose
  • Antimagnetic
  • Brass and bronze construction with heavy nickel plating
  • Plunger threaded 1/4-20 to accept threaded extension rods

    About Bacon Bomb Samplers Sold In The United States

    Bacon bomb samplers are used to obtain samples from vessels, storage tanks, tank cars and drums. Bacon bomb samplers ordered online at are used to obtain liquids, slurries or sludges from containers, storage tanks and vessels. Sludge judges, bacon bombs or Composite Liquid Waste Samplers (COLIWASA) are used to collect samples to determine if the tank or vessel contents are stratified. Tank samplers and fuel tank bottom testers permit the representative sampling of multiphase wastes for a wide range of contents.

    How Bacon Bomb Samplers Work

    Nobody seems to know why these devices are called a bacon bomb sampler or a bacon bomb fuel tester. These tank sampling devices use a plunger to keep the sampling apparatus closed until the bacon bomb strikes the bottom of the tank or vessel. When the plunger assembly hits the bottom, the bacon bomb fuel tester fills with liquid, sediment, water or sludge. Samples can be taken at any point above the bottom of the tank or vessel by attaching a pull cord, secondary trip line or extension rod to the top of plunger and then manually raising it to fill the sampler and lowering it to close the sampling device to form a tight seal. The bacon bomb sampler closes can be locked for transport. There are no O-rings used in construction of the fuel sampling bacon bombs, which have a tendency to wear out. The plungers are anti-magnetic and are threaded to accept extension rods. Bacon bomb samplers are used to take average samples from tanks that contain jet fuel, petroleum oil, botanical oil, fish oil, solvents, tar oil, sugar, glycerin, molasses, varnish, vinegar, latex, vegetable oil, juice, chemical solutions, lacquer and beverages.

    How Bacon Bomb Samplers Are Manufactured

    Bacon bomb samplers sold online at are compliant with ASTM D4057-95. They are coated with a heavy nickel plating. They are manufactured using brass and bronze. The include a threaded plunger. Weighted tank samplers are ideal for obtaining samples at various levels of any liquid.

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