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PYREX Kjeldahl Flasks

PYREX Kjeldahl Flasks

Brand: Corning
SKU: 125430
Model # Min. in packBrandPriceQuantity
10-110B (CS) Case of 18 Corning $504.02
10-110C (CS) Case of 4 PK Corning $465.47
10-110C (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $162.22
10-110D (CS) Case of 24 Corning $967.77
10-110E (CS) Case of 4 PK Corning $696.34
10-110E (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $234.72
10-110G (CS) Case of 3 PK Corning $495.91
10-110G (PK) Pack of 6 Corning $221.93


Pyrex Kjeldahl Flasks are known to be 30ml small flasks which do not have tooled neck and is suitable for multiple micro digestions.  They take in rubber 0 rubber stopper and one must take care to ensure that the bottoms of these flask does not come in contact with the heating elements. The manufacturers are known to have ring supports for this purpose.

Pyrex Kjeldahl Flasks Features:


  • Material used is pyrex glass
  • Contact between flask bottoms and heating tools should be avoided
  • Neck is not tooled in 30ml size and suited for multiple micro digestion apparatus
  • 100ml and larger size have strong tool-finished mouth

Pyrex Kjeldahl Flasks Specifications:



  • Material: Glass, Pyrex