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PYREX Pear-Shaped Flasks

PYREX Pear-Shaped Flasks

Brand: Corning
SKU: 120363
Model # Min. in packBrandPriceQuantity
10-060-11A Case Corning $52.59
10-060-11B Case Corning $58.16
10-060-11C Case Corning $63.14
10-060-11D Case Corning $66.73
10-060-11E Case Corning $70.70
10-060-5A Case Corning $44.44
10-060-5B Case of 12 Corning $469.78
10-060-5D Case of 12 Corning $528.57
10-060-5E Case Corning $67.25
10-060-5G Case Corning $45.34


Pyrex Pear-Shaped Flasks are 50ml in size and have full outer length of 12/40 taper joints. They are manufactured from No. 7740 borosilicate glass and have wall thicknesses which are controlled carefully providing proper balance between thermal expansion and mechanical strength for greater shock resistance. It has excellent chemical durability which results in contamination free results and longer life under the toughest lab conditions. Their normal working temperature is 230 degree Celsius. There are different adapter numbers 8800, 8820, 8825 which are used to connect flask with different joints allowing different combinations.



Pyrex Pear-Shaped Flasks Features:




  • Material used is borosilicate
  • Contain one per case

Pyrex Pear-Shaped Flasks Specifications:




  • Material: Borosilicate Glass