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PYREX Reusable Petri Dishes: Complete

Brand: Corning
SKU: 4909050
Model # Min. in packBrandPrice Quantity
08-747A Pack of 12 Corning
08-747B Pack of 12 Corning
08-747C Pack of 12 Corning
08-747D Pack of 12 Corning
08-747E Pack of 12 Corning
08-747F Pack of 12 Corning


These Pyrex resusable petri dishes are flat and clear. The beaded edges provide great mechanical strength to withstand repeated wet or dry sterilization. They also allow equal spacing along the side walls of the dish and cover to reduce capillary action of condensed moisture buildup. Reusable Pyrex petri dishes are highly resistant to thermal and chemical methods applied during sterilization.



PYREX Reusable Petri Dishes Features:




  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Complete petri dish and cover set
  • Beaded edges
  • Cover is not airtight
  • Top marked in blue
  • Bottom is marked with a triangular enamel reference point for serial dilutions
  • Can withstand repeated wet or dry sterilization processes
  • Thermally and chemically resistant

PYREX Reusable Petri Dishes Specifications:




  • Edges: beaded