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PYREX VISTA Flat Bottom Boiling Flask

PYREX VISTA Flat Bottom Boiling Flask

Brand: Corning
SKU: 3007055
Model # Min. in packBrandPrice Quantity
07-250-077 (CS) Case of 12 Corning
07-250-078 (CS) Case of 2 PK Corning
07-250-078 (PK) Pack of 6 Corning
07-250-079 (CS) Case of 2 PK Corning
07-250-079 (PK) Pack of 6 Corning
07-250-080 (CS) Case of 2 PK Corning
07-250-080 (PK) Pack Corning


Pyrex Boiling Flask has a capacity of 125ml and has flat bottom. They have full length of 24/40 standard taper joints but shorter necks. The thickness of wall is controlled which provide balance between thermal expansion and mechanical strength to provide greater shock resistance. They have adapter numbers 8800, 8820 and 8825 which is used to connect flask having different size joints. This allows numerous combinations for diverse assemblies.



Pyrex Boiling Flask Features:




  • Material used is borosilicate glass
  • Short necks
  • Thermal expansion and mechanical strength is balanced by wall thickness
  • 24/40 standard taper outer joints of full length

Pyrex Boiling Flask Specifications:




  • Material: Borosilicate Glass