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Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler II

Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler II

Brand: Wheaton
SKU: 209807
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15-437-1 Case Wheaton $741.40
15-437-2 Case Wheaton $933.90
15-437-3 Each Wheaton $1,082.60


Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler II is made of inert polypropylene head. It has stainless steel fittings along with aluminum pole assembly with a golden alodine finish. It has a small mouth sample bottle which has a PTFE cap. Lower the sample bottle to the apt depth after screwing it in. We have to pull the cable at the top of the handle. This will lift the spring loaded plunger from the opening of the bottle hence allowing liquid to enter through the holes which have a diameter of 5/8’’. It can be used to access fluid flow in deep manholes. They are available in lengths up to 18ft.



Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler II Features:



  • Capacity of 1000ml or 33.8oz


  • It is a type of subsurface sampler


  • Has a 1000 ml narrow mouth sample bottle cap


  • EPA compliant


  • Has a golden alodine finish


Wheaton Sub Surface Grab Sampler II Specifications:



  • Capacity: 33.8 oz., 1000mL


  • Product Type: Subsurface Sampler


  • Includes: 1000mL narrow mouth sample bottle, cap


  • Certifications/Compliance: EPA


  • Finish: Golden alodine