Sulfuric Acid, commonly known as hydrogen sulfate or Oil Vitriol, is a sulfur oxoacid composed of two oxygen atoms and two hydroxy groups that bound with a sulfur atom to produce this inorganic acid.

It is a colorless oily liquid, viscous, odorless, and soluble in water in the presence of heat.

Sulfuric Acid is strongly acidic with a very low pH, which makes it a very corrosive substance; it is available in many grades ranging from electrolyte grade up to 96%.

Sulfuric Acid is an essential chemical due to its numerous applications; it can be utilized as a raw material or processing agent. One of its primary industries uses are: lead-based automobile batteries, the production of explosives, fertilizer, detergents, refinement of petroleum, and curing metal.

It is essential to acknowledge that due to its high level of corrosion, it might cause skin burns and eye damage if not used with precaution.

Ideally, it should be physically stored away from materials such as water, organic materials, metals, amines, bases, and excess heat, since it can generate undesirable reactions.

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