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Acetone Acetone is a colorless, flammable, and highly volatile organic solvent that is widely used as nail polish remover and paint thinner. Industrially, acetone can be used to remove sticky or oily substances from raw textiles, like cotton or silk, in welding to remove rosin flux, and even in metal working as a degreaser. Electronics companies use acetone to clean components of any and all detritus. High quality acetone can also be used in acrylic plastics production, as well as epoxy resins and polycarbonates.

Heptane Heptane, or n-Heptane , is a straight-chain alkane (acyclic saturated hydrocarbon), and because of its ideal chemical properties, it is one of the most useful industrial chemicals around. In its purest form, heptane is most notably recognized as the standard zero-point for the octane rating scale, which measures a fuel’s ability to withstand compression in an internal combustion engine without exploding. When placed under the immense pressure within a gasoline engine, heptane immediately combusts causing engine knocking (pre-ignition). Heptane is also used as a compounder in the commercial manufacturing of rubber cement during a process called vulcanization, which improves the elasticity and strength of the rubber cement.

Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric Acid is a colorless, oily liquid that is extremely corrosive and reactive. Being that sulfuric acid is one of the world’s largest volume industrial chemicals, it is very versatile and can be used for many different applications. In metal processing, sulfuric acid is used during the final stages of a surface treatment process called “steel pickling” to remove rust or any other impurities from the metal. Other than metal processing, sulfuric acid is used as a component in chemical manufacturing to create other acids, synthetic detergents, and even dyes. For large vehicle batteries, sulfuric acid is combined with lead to create “battery acid”, which generates the required voltage/energy to power these large vehicles.

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