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Cell Culture

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Cell Scrapers & Lifters

These Cell Scrapers & Lifters ensure minimal damage to cell and colony samples during experimentation. These are sterilized by gamma radiation, making it non-pyrogenic and not at all prone to contamination. The Cell Scrapers & Liftersare also made from durable polyethylene, making it lo...

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Cell Strainers

These Cell Strainers fit perfectly into the 50 mL centrifuge tubes. These are manufactured from durable polypropylene and strong nylon mesh, suitable for long-time use. Three different pore sizes are available and are color-coded according to size for easy identification. Sterilized by gamma ra...

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Cell Spreaders

Made for easy and even spreading of bacterial cultures, Cell Spreaders are ideal to use for these kinds of experiments. The L-shape makes the application of samples on petri dishes and plate surfaces much quicker and smoother. The Cell Spreaders slight upward angle also reduces the risk of caus...

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Inoculating Loops & Needles

The ultra-smooth loop surface design of theseInoculating Loops & Needles facilitates uniform and smooth streaking of samples without damaging the gel surface. They are made of medical grade polystyrene, available in 1μL and 10μL sizes. The round-shaped needles also prevent any damage to occur...

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