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Cryovials With Colored Caps, 1,000 Per Case

Cryovials With Colored Caps | 1,000 Per Case | Sterile Cryogenic Vials | External Thread | With Boxes | 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 1.5ml And 2ml Cryovials can withstand temperatures from -196°C to 121°C, making it suitable for both liquid nitrogen freezing and autoclaves. These can be repeatedly frozen and th...

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Cryogenic Vials

These Cryogenic Vials can fit into the most common rotors as well as the standard 1-inch and 2-inch freezer boxes. These can also be repeatedly frozen and thawed.  Available in assorted colors for easy sample differentiation, these Cryogenic Vialsalso include graduations for quick measurement of...

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Cryo Vial Combo

With pre-set 1D barcodes and side numbers, the Cryo Vial Combo is made for quick visual identification of samples. These aid in the rapid scanning and identification of an entire box full of vials due to its coding system. The Cryo Vial Combocan also withstand temperatures of up to -196°C to 12...

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Drosophila Vials

The material of these PCR Tubes makes it idyllic for use in DNA extraction and Real-Time PCR. The ultra-thin walls of the tubes offer transparency and heat conduction, as well as for quick observation. The domed caps of these PCR Tubes guarantee efficient heat transfer, while the flat caps are m...

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