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  • Are you waiting for a salesperson to call on you and paying extra for your Science and Lab products as a result of multiple layers of distribution?
  • Are salesperson commissions, salaries, and benefits taking away potential savings that could be reinvested into your company?
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Traditional selling methods in the Science and Lab industry are COSTING your company thousands of dollars! The slow, multi-layered process of sales people eager for commissions, preparing you quotes and entering sales into an enterprise-wide accounting system costs you time and money. So what's the solution?


Lab Alley is the answer! No more talking with sales people and waiting on them to place your order. Through our e-commerce technology and direct manufacturer relationships, Lab Alley offers you the very same Science and Lab products you've been ordering through your suppliers. Best of all, our prices are lower and we offer FREE shipping and faster delivery times!

Our cutting-edge and robust e-commerce website puts you in control! Start saving time and money now! The time you save ordering with us will translate into direct savings for your company!