The Botanical Industry market is growing every day and is expected to rise at 21.2% through 2028.

We want to help you be a part of that thriving market by providing you with quality supplies and ingredients that are within your budget and are delivered within your timeline.

Pure Food Grade Ethanol
Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol is used mostly as a solvent in the botanical industries for herbal extractions and making herbal tinctures. Companies process extractions by soaking their plant materials in pure food grade ethanol to separate the soluble components, then filtering out the solid components, and finally separating the ethanol from the extract. Herbal tinctures are similarly made by emerging plant materials in food grade ethanol, infusing the mix for several weeks, and finally straining out the plant material. Our pure USDA certified organic ethanol, vegan ethanol, sugarcane ethanol, corn ethanol and Kosher ethanol are all suitable choices for top shelf botanical extractions.

Activated Charcoal
Our high-quality Activated Carbon
, also commonly known as Activated Charcoal, is used as a filtration media in botanical extractions through a process called color remediation to purify the extract. Both our powder charcoal and our granular charcoal can be used to filter impurities out of the extracts for a lighter-colored, more flavorful, and aromatic end-use product. In fact, if the plant material is of a lower quality, filtering it through a high-quality absorbent filtration media, like Activated Carbon, one can bring the botanical extract’s flavor profile back to life.

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) Oil
is used in botanical industries as a carrier oil for the safe ingestion of botanical extractions and herbal tinctures. MCTs are derived through a process called fractionation from palm kernels and coconuts mostly. Regular MCT oil, food grade coconut based MCT oil, and certified organic coconut MCT oil are all used for botanical extractions because of their small molecular structures, which, in turn, makes it easier for the body to absorb. Being that MCT oil is an odorless, tasteless and clear liquid, it is an ideal carrier oil for extractions.

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