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Product Overview

Fractionated coconut oil is a natural and healthy fat. Fractionated coconut oil is produced through a process called heating process called fractionation which separates the oil from the liquid. It is used in many different industries like vape oil manufacturing, food/drink/nutritional supplement manufacturing, cosmetic manufacturing and aromatherapy product manufacturing. All these different industries use fractionated coconut oil. Which is exactly what it sounds like, it is a fraction of the coconut oil. This means that it is mainly only medium-chain triglycerides instead of the long chain triglycerides that are found in coconut oil. By using the fractionated coconut oil, it is a saturated oil and can be used in many beneficial ways. MCT oil is tasteless and odorless so it is used frequently as solvents for flavors, oral medicine and vitamins.

Fractionated coconut oil is also used in the food, drink, and supplement industry. MCT’s might help you lose weight. They will reduce hunger intake and help your body burn more fat and calories. They are also less likely to be stored as fat in the body. MCT’s have also been associated with improving exercise performance. They can possibly provide an alternative energy source during exercise, but the research is ongoing.

Fractionated coconut oil as a dietary supplement has become one of the most popular in the world. It is considered to help with everything from dry skin to burning fat. Coconut oil has many fatty acids and with MCT oil people can get a concentrated version of the health benefits of coconut oil without the fatty acids people might not want. MCT oil can help the body in more ways than just weight loss and exercise. It can also help with heart health, digestion, focus, and antibiotic properties. There are many possibilities to increase MCT oil in your diet. Using it as a primary ingredient while cooking or adding a supplement to your coffee or protein bars.

Fractionated coconut oil can also be used in beauty products or it can be used to moisturize the skin. It is popular because it is a natural skin care and it has many health benefits. It can also be used as a carrier for essential oils. Many personal care manufacturers are incorporating fractionated coconut oil into their products because it is odorless, colorless and it is a great hydrator. It also has a long shelf life which helps distinguish it from regular coconut oil.

A few great uses in the cosmetic industry for fractionated coconut oil include; makeup remover, soften heels and elbows, UV protection, moisturizer, and a carrier oil for essential oils. If you don’t want all the harsh chemicals that usually come with commercial makeup removers, then fractionated coconut oil is a great alternative. All you will need is a tissue and a few drops of fractionated coconut oil. Or if you have dry skin/ eczema, apply fractionated coconut oil directly to the affected areas a few nights in a row and experience quick relief. Fractionated coconut oil is also great if you're spending the day in the sun and need protection. The sun can dry out your hair and leave it brittle. Before you leave for the day use fractionated coconut oil directly on your hair and work it into your scalp and you will be set for the whole day.

Fractionated coconut oil is absorbed quickly into the skin and it works great on your face and lips. The best part is it won’t leave that greasy feeling behind. One more great use is for aromatherapy or massages. The oil blends with other oils so it is great to combine with essential oils. Because of the nutrients already in fractionated coconut oil it can enhance the benefits of essential oils. It has a light feel and it won’t stain clothes, so it is a great carrier for topical aromatherapy blends.

Fractionated coconut oil is a great product and it has many uses and benefits. Lab Alley sells MCT oil in three options. You can order them here today. Lab Alley provides fast shipping in the USA. You can order MCT oil in a 55 Gallon drum. Or if you're looking for something organic, Lab Alley has organic coconut MCT oil for sale. Lab Ally also sells MCT oil, coconut based USP/FCC grade, in a 55 Gallon drum.


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