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Toluene Bulk Price $28 Per Gallon

In 2019, Lab Alley began selling Analytical Grade, Reagent Grade (ACS) Toluene And Lab Grade Toluene is at wholesale bulk prices. Lab Alley, based in Austin Texas is a toluene solvent supplier that ships chemicals to laboratories, manufacturing facilities, universities, research centers, homes, schools, medical facilities and individuals all across the United States. Toluene is available to be shipped within a few days to customers in America. The cost of bulk toluene in the U.S. is about $28 ($28.18) per gallon when purchased in a 55 gallon toluene drum.

Toluene Is An Organic Compound, High Purity Solvent, Thinner For Polyesters, Industrial Paints And Finishes And Is Used For Extraction Purposes At Botanical Processing Facilities

Toluene is an excellent solvent because, unlike water, it can dissolve many organic compounds. It can dissolve other substances such as paints, paraffin wax, paint thinners, silicone sealants, chemical reactants, rubber, printing ink, adhesives and lacquers. Toluene is a non-alcoholic solvent used in botanical extraction facilities in the U.S.  Toluene is a common byproduct of botanical terpenes.  Toluene should be purged from herbal extracts for maximum safety. It dissolves other substances easily and evaporates quickly into the air. Toluene is a popular solvent for paints, paint thinners, silicone sealants, chemical reactants, rubber, printing ink, adhesives (glues), lacquers, leather tanners, and disinfectants.

Toluene and xylene are effective oil and grease removers. Toluene evaporates faster than xylene. Both solvents are fairly toxic.

About Analytical And Lab Grade Toluene

  • Formula: C7H8
  • CAS#: 108-88-3

Toluene is a chemical compound that is used in the United States very often.  Also known as toluol, it is a clear, flammable, non-corrosive and colorless liquid with a unique benzene-like aroma. It is insoluble in water. Toluene reacts with Potassium permanganate to yield benzoic acid, and with chromyl chloride to yield benzaldehyde.  In the laboratory, toluene is used as a solvent for carbon nanomaterials, including nanotubes and fullerenes.  Toluene is a common component used to manufacture solvents in the United States. It is an ingredient in fuels such as gasoline.  Toluene is used in aviation gasoline and high-octane blending stock.

Toluene occurs naturally in crude oil and in the tolu tree. It is produced in the process of making gasoline and other fuels from crude oil and in making coke from coal.  It is used in the production of benzene, nylon, plastics, and polyurethane and the synthesis of trinitrotoluene (TNT), benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride, and toluene diisocyanate.

Toluene is soluble in acetone, absolute alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, petroleum ether, glacial acetic acid, and carbon disulfide.  It is used to make degreasers, adhesives and wood stains.  Toluene is used in household and industrial applications as a solvent for paints, coatings, gums and resins.

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), also known as dibutylhydroxytoluene, is a lipophilic organic compound, chemically a derivative of phenol, that is useful for its antioxidant properties. European and U.S. regulations allow small amounts of butylated hydroxytoluene to be used as a food additive. In addition to this use, BHT is widely used to prevent oxidation in fluids (e.g. fuel, oil) and other materials where free radicals must be controlled.

Current Usage (2019) Of Toluene In The United States

Toluene Safety Precautions And Hazards In Workplaces In The USA

This information is provided by the United States Department Of Labor Occupational Health And Safety Administration.  Toluene is used in many products and workplaces, from printing operations, manufacturing facilities and construction sites to nail salons. Workers should read product information on the packaging or in printed materials delivered with the product such as material safety data sheets (MSDSs)* or safety data sheets (SDSs). Employers must make MSDSs or SDSs readily available so workers can get information about the products they are using. Employers must also provide workers with training and information about the hazards of the products used and how to work with them safely. Read more >

Additional Warnings Regarding The Use Of Toluene In Households America

Toluene can be dangerous when its fumes are inhaled, causing neurological damage and intoxication. Because of this, toluene is sometimes abused as an inhalant drug. Individuals who use paints and thinners frequently, like those who work with such products professionally, wear face masks in order to minimize the inhalation of toluene. Read More >

The main effect of toluene is on the brain and nervous system, but animals exposed to moderate or high levels of toluene also show harmful effects in their liver, kidneys, and lungs and impaired immune function. Read More >

Toluene abuse can harm the nervous system and body, yet scientists know relatively little about its specific actions.  Toluene, a solvent found in paint removers, glues, and other common household products, is often the first substance abused by young people, who inhale its dangerous fumes. Read More >

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