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Acetone 100% ACS Reagent/USP/Food Grade | Prices From $20+

Buy Acetone 100% ACS Reagent/USP/Food Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Acetone 100% ACS Reagent/USP/Food Grade For Sale And In Stock | 100ml $20 | 500ml $25 | 6 x 500ml Case $123 | 1 Liter $31 | 4 x 1 Liter Case $102 | 4 Liters $88 | 4 x 4 Liters Case $289 | 5 Gallons $200 | 55 Gallons $999 | CAS: 67-64-1 | Chemical Formula: C3H6O | PubChem CID: 180 | UN Number: 1090

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Acetone 100% Lab Grade | Prices From $15+

Buy Acetone 100% Lab Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Acetone 100% Lab Grade For Sale And In Stock | 30ml $15 | 500ml $24 | 1 Liter $37 | 4 Liters $65 | 4 x 1 Liter Case $121 | 5 Gallons $150 | 55 Gallons $800 | 6 x 500ml Case $118 | CAS: 67-64-1 | Chemical Formula: C3H6O | PubChem CID: 180 | UN Number: 1090

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Acetone 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade | Prices From $30+

Buy Acetone 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Acetone 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade For Sale And In Stock | 1 Pint $30 | 6 x 1 Pint Case $148 | 1 Quart $45 | 4 x 1 Quart Case $148 | 1 Gallon $150 | 4 x 1 Gallon Case $492 | 5 Gallons $600 | 55 Gallons $3500

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Acetone-IPA 50%/50% Solution, Lab Grade | Prices From $55+

Buy Acetone-IPA 50%/50% Solution, Lab Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Acetone-IPA 50%/50% Solution, Lab Grade For Sale And In Stock | 500ml $55 | 1 Liter $65 | CAS: 67-64-1 | Chemical Formula: C3H6O | PubChem CID: 180 | UN Number: 1993

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Where To Buy And How To Order Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone For Sale Online At, Locally Near You And On The Phone (512-668-9918)

You can buy Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone online, locally near you at a distribution center (US only) or you can call 512-668-9918 to order your chemicals by phone. High purity Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone is in stock and is ready to be shipped to your home, laboratory or business. The CAS Registry Number, PubChem compound identifier (CID), chemical formula and UN number for Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone are listed for each product. Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone, here. Get information on the chemical specifications, properties and structure of Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone.

Review the details, description and product details so that you can order the right type of Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone for common household uses, scientific and industrial applications. Synonyms and alternate names for Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone​ are listed for reference. Lab Alley sells a wide range of brands, grades, percentages, qualities and purities. Chemical safety, hazards and handling information is provided. Read ratings and reviews from customers that have bought Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone​ online at When applicable, you can use this discount code, LAB10OFF, to save 10% when you purchase Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone​ online.

In 2022, chemical substances ordered online at are frequently used in the United States in daily life in homes and households for cleaning and sanitizing. Common chemical compounds supplied by Lab Alley are used in research and production the pharmaceutical industry, in academic chemistry laboratories, in school science classes for experiments, in industrial applications, in agriculture (agrichemicals), and for botanical and herbal extraction. They are used to make, process and preserve food products, at water treatment plants, for ingredients used to produce cosmetics, for organic farming, to control and kill pests (pesticides) and in manufacturing consumer products and goods.

To save money on bulk orders of Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone​ and to discuss wholesale ordering options, call 512-668-9918 to speak with a customer service representative. Contact Lab Alley to learn how Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone​ is shipped and delivered in the United States​. U.S. DOT hazmat regulations provide classification criteria that manufacturers and shippers use to classify hazardous material.

Buy 100% Pure Acetone For Cleaning And Nails

Austin, Texas, December 6, 2021 -Lab Alley Brand Pure Acetone Being Used For Cleaning A Sink And Faucet | 100% Pure Acetone $15+ | 1 Gallon ($65) For Cleaning | ACS Grade | Buy 100% Pure Acetone For Sale For Cleaning | Prices From $15 | Lab Alley Brand Acetone For Sale | Sizes & Quantities | 1 Gallon (4L) $65 | Bulk Prices | 5 Gallon $150 | 55 Gallon $800 | Buy ACS Acetone Online | For Solvent Uses, Nails & Extraction | CAS 67-64-1 | Formula C3H6O | Structure | Hazards | Density | Boiling Point | Lab & Medical Grade | Contaminant-Free | For Nail Polish Remover, Stripping Wood Paint Prep & Removal, Rust Removal, Acne, Shoes, Headlights, Polygel, Oil Stains, Car Scratches

The Lab Alley Brand of Acetone is a colorless, volatile and flammable liquid used by manicurists, housekeepers, professional salons and lab technicians throughout the United States to remove dip powders, degrease surfaces and to clean laboratory glassware.

This high purity solvent (Formula C3H6O), which can be ordered in small bottles online at for $15, removes ink stains and dissolves organic substances such as melted plastic bags and glue.

Lab Alley Brand Acetone (US DOT HAZARD CLASS 3 FLAMMABLE LIQUID) is a solvent used to clean many substances, dissolve grime and to get grease and paint off of metal and glass.

Order a gallon of 100% pure acetone at for cleaning metal surfaces. 

Acetone 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade (PubChem CID 180), which is the most expensive grade of acetone sold by Lab Alley (1 Quart $45), is used as a photoresist stripper, for cleaning workbenches, drying laboratory glassware, as an edgebead remover, removing organic contaminants and heavy soils from cleanroom surfaces.

The Lab Alley Brands Of Acetone (also known as propanone) can be safely and effectively used for cleaning silicon wafers, cleaning electronics and cleaning aluminum. This brand of acetone boils at 132.8°F and customer orders are shipped by UPS.

The various grades of acetone sold by Lab Alley are fast-acting solvents and important cleaning products used frequently by homeowners, mechanics, facility technicians and janitors for cleaning plastic, metal, rubber, quartz, cleaning paint brushes and quartz.

You can use Lab Alley Acetone as a thinner and a remover. It effectively thins adhesives, epoxy and fiberglass resins. You can trust that it will remove foreign material from solvent-tolerant surfaces.

Lab Alley Acetone can be ordered in 1 liter size bottles ($37) and customer orders are normally shipped within 1 to 5 business days in the US.

Acetone for cleaning fiberglass, cleaning wood and cleaning bearings can be ordered in bulk 5 gallon pails ($150) at or you can also place an order over the phone by calling 512-668-9918.

Lab Alley sells acetone in bulk to US companies that produce other chemicals. American manufacturing companies order pallet loads of acetone on credit from Lab Alley to use as a solvent in products such as nail polish removers, cement, lacquers, cleaners, coatings, paint, paint thinner, films and adhesives.

You can buy discounted Acetone in bulk quantities and bulk sizes at wholesale prices online, locally near you at a distribution center (US only) or you can call Lab Alley at 512-668-9918 to order 55 gallon drums ($800) or pallet loads of 100% pure acetone by phone.

Lab Alley Brand Acetone For Cleaning And Nails

Lab Alley Brand Acetone can be used for cleaning. It is traditionally used as an industrial solvent during production or manufacturing or to clean equipment. Lab Alley Brand Acetone is used in some household projects and with resins, rubber, plastics, lacquers, fats, oils, waxes and varnishes.

Typical products manufactured using Lab Alley Brand Acetone are nail polish removers, hair colors, tanning lotions, liquid and paste waxes, paint remover, polishes, particleboard and upholstery fabrics.

Use Lab Alley Brand Acetone Safely

Lab Alley Brand Acetone is “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA when it is present in beverages, desserts and baked goods.

Lab Alley Brand Acetone is an ingredient consumer products such as cosmetics, processed and unprocessed foods. However, Lab Alley Brand Acetone is an irritant and can cause mild skin irritation and moderate to severe eye irritation.

Lab Alley Brand 100% Pure Acetone is a great nail polish remover for natural, acrylic, gel and shellac nails. However, it does effect your nails. Acetone can always remove stubborn nail polish and glitter top coats but it makes nails look and feel dry. 

Lab Alley Brand Acetone removes nail polish, tips, dip powder and acrylic nails gently and quickly. However, damaged nails often get dry and brittle when exposed to acetone. Acetone can damage your nails and cuticles or even break them. There are reasons not to use acetone for nails.

100% Pure Acetone For Sale

December 6 2021 - Pictured Here Is A Bottle Of 100% Pure Acetone Sold  Online, Locally And By Phone By Lab Alley | 100% Pure Acetone For Sale | Prices From $20 | 1 Gallon (4L) $65 | Bulk Prices | 5 Gallon $150 | 55 Gallon $800 | Buy ACS Acetone Online | For Solvent Uses, Nails, Cleaning & Extraction | CAS 67-64-1 | Formula C3H6O | Structure | Hazards

Austin, Texas, December 6 2021 - Pictured here is a small brown bottle of 100% Pure Acetone (Lab Grade) sold online, locally and by phone by Lab Alley.

100% Pure Acetone Bottle Sizes, Prices, Uses And Shipping Information

Pure Lab Grade Acetone For Sale Online

For Solvent Uses, Surface Disinfection, Cleaning, Paint Prep, Nail Remover, Acne, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Chlorophyll Pigment Extraction And Extraction Of Bioactive Compounds From Medicinal Plants And Herbs

Prices For ACS Reagent Grade Acetone For Sale Online

Buy Acetone (C3H6O) Online In Bulk Here Or By Phone: 512-668-9918

If you have questions about ordering contaminant-free pure acetone (C3H6O) online here at or would like to place an order, call 512-668-9918 or email to talk with an Acetone Specialist. 

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Uploaded To YouTube On February 25, 2020 By Lab Alley is the online acetone "E-Shop" for Lab Alley, which is a chemical supplier headquartered in Austin, Texas. Buy safe acetone products in bulk locally at a Lab Alley distribution center, online at or by phone 512-668-9918. Lab Alley LLC is a woman-owned business and specialty chemical distributor located in Austin, Texas that was founded in 2013. 

Pick Up Your Acetone Order In Person At A Lab Alley Distribution Center Near You


DECEMBER 6, 2021 - Buy 100% Pure Acetone From Lab Alley Online At, Locally At A Distribution Center Near You Or  By Telephone 512-668-9918

DECEMBER 6, 2021 - Pictured Above Is A Local Lab Alley Acetone Distribution Center In Austin, Texas.

You can pickup your order and packages from Lab Alley at convenient locations in all 50 states or at a local UPS Customer Center near you in your neighborhood. Please note that large bulk orders and products that are classified as hazardous materials (HAZMAT), can not be collected at UPS locations in the United States.

Lab Alley is a US-based acetone supplier that sells to individual buyers in the United States. Lab Alley is a specialty acetone distributor, retailer and wholesaler of raw materials and chemical ingredients for schools, individuals, researchers and industries.

Use the promotional coupon code to get a 10% discount on acetone, laboratory supplies, lab equipment and household chemical ingredients ordered online or by phone. Enter code LAB10OFF at checkout to see if it is applicable. Get information on Lab Alley shipping here. The Lab Alley address is 22111 State Hwy 71 #601, Spicewood, TX 78669.

Buy 100% Pure Acetone | ≥ 99.5% | ACS Grade | Reagent Grade | Anhydrous | USP Grade | Medical Grade | Food Grade | Cas No: 67-64-1 | For Sale Online 

Prices For Laboratory/Technical Grade Acetone For Sale Online

Acetone Chemical Properties And Reference Resources

Information About Acetone From Wikipedia

Acetone, or propanone, is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)2CO. It is the simplest and smallest ketone. It is a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid with a characteristic odor. Acetone is miscible with water and serves as an important solvent in its own right, in industry, home, and laboratory. About 6.7 million tonnes were produced worldwide in 2010, mainly for use as a solvent and production of methyl methacrylate and bisphenol A. It is a common building block in organic chemistry. Familiar household uses of acetone are as the active ingredient in nail polish remover and as paint thinner. It has volatile organic compound (VOC) exempt status in the USA. Acetone is produced and disposed of in the human body through normal metabolic processes. It is normally present in blood and urine. People with diabetes produce it in larger amounts. Reproductive toxicity tests show that it has low potential to cause reproductive problems. Ketogenic diets that increase ketone bodies (acetone, β-hydroxybutyric acid and acetoacetic acid) in the blood are used to counter epileptic attacks in infants and children who suffer from refractory epilepsy. Read more here.

Overview Of Acetone

As of 2021, acetone is being used extensively in the botanical industry. It is used as a botanical extraction solvent. Acetone has a wide variety of laboratory, manufacturing medical and cosmetic applications. Acetone is used every day in households throughout the United States.  Acetone is a chemical intermediate which is used to synthesize methyl methacrylate and bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol A is a component of many polymers such as polycarbonates, polyurethanes, and epoxy resins. The synthesis involves the condensation of acetone with phenol.   

Tons of acetone are consumed in the production of the solvents methyl isobutyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone. In the laboratory, acetone is used as a polar, aprotic solvent in a variety of organic reactions. Acetone is used in a variety of general medical and cosmetic applications and is also listed as a component in food additives and food packaging and also in nail polish remover.

Dermatologists use acetone with alcohol for acne treatments to peel dry skin. Acetone is used in the field of pathology to find lymph nodes in fatty tissues for tumor staging. It's also used for destaining microscope slides of certain stains. Acetone is often the primary component in cleaning agents such as nail polish remover. Acetone is a component of superglue remover and easily removes residues from glass and porcelain. Make-up artists use acetone. Acetone is often used for vapor polishing of printing artifacts on 3D-printed models printed with ABS plastic.

Low-grade acetone is also commonly used in academic laboratory settings as a glassware rinsing agent for removing residue and solids before a final wash. Acetone is used extensively in the United States by botanical extraction and processing facilities to make herbal products. Acetone is used by people in America that make botanical and plant extracts. Acetone is used for the extraction of chlorophylls and carotenoids from water-containing plant materials.  Testers who ensure the safety of herbal extracts perform residual solvent analysis to search for a variety of harmful residual solvents, including acetone. Acetone should be purged from botanical extracts, concentrates and oils.

Antiviral Effect of Acetone

We present evidence that 1% (v/v) acetone is capable of inhibiting multiplication of vaccinia and rabbitpox viruses in chick embryo fibroblast cell cultures; and when
infections with these viruses were treated with both acetone and N-methyl-isatin-flthiosemicarbazone the extent of inhibition of virus multiplication was much greater than in experiments using each preparation separately. Read more here.

What Is Anhydrous Acetone Used For?

Anhydrous Acetone (C3H6O) is a dry solvent that does not contain water (H2O). It is an ideal solvent for synthetic fibers, plastics, cleaning tools, thinning resins and dissolving epoxies and glue. Anhydrous Acetone can be used for the following applications: For NailsExtract ChlorophyllCleaning WoodAcneSolventCleaningAcetylene CarrierCleaning MetalChemical IntermediateCleaning GlassBotanical Compound ExtractionRemoving Acrylic NailsHeadlights And Cleaning Aluminum.

Are Acetone And Turpentine The Same Thing? 

Acetone will soften or lift many types of paint. Mineral spirits and paint thinner are pretty much the same thing. Both are slower dying, mild solvents for reducing enamels and varnish. When it comes to cost, paint thinner is usually cheaper. Read more here.

How To Choose The Grade Of Acetone To Purchase Online From Lab Alley

ACS Grade Acetone (99.5% Pure) For Sale

ACS grade acetone exceeds or meets purity standards set by the American Chemical Society (ACS). This grade is acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use and can be used for ACS applications or for general procedures that require stringent quality specifications and a purity of ≥95%. Lab Alley sells acetone online in the USA that meets these requirements here. This grade of acetone is often classified with terms such as "100% acetone", 100% pure acetone" or "pure acetone". 

Reagent Grade Acetone (99.5%) For Sale

Reagent grade acetone sold by Lab Alley is generally equal to ACS grade (≥95%) and is acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use and is suitable for use in many laboratory and analytical applications.

USP Grade Acetone (99.5%) For Sale

USP grade acetone sold by Lab Alley meets or exceeds requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This grade is acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use. It is also used for most laboratory purposes.

Food Grade Acetone (99.5%) For Sale

Food-grade acetone is non-toxic at certain concentrations and safe for use as as an indirect additive.  Food grade acetone complies with the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined acetone is safe for use as an indirect food additive in adhesives and food-contact coatings and is regarded as a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substance at certain concentrations.  Acetone is a volatile liquid mainly used as a solvent, color diluent and flavor enhancer in the food industry. It is also used as an extractant due to its miscibility with many organic solvents, water, and oils.

Extraction Grade Acetone (99.5%) For Sale

Extraction grade acetone is suggested for food, drug, medicine, botanical and plant extraction, applications and processes. 

Technical Grade Acetone For Sale

Technical grade acetone is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, like many others, it is not pure enough to be offered for food, drug, or medicinal use of any kind.

Laboratory Grade Acetone For Sale

Laboratory grade is the most popular grade purchased by science instructors and chemistry teachers for use in educational applications. The levels of impurities in lab grade acetone are not specified. Lab grade acetone is an excellent choice for schools, demonstrations, teaching and training.

Lab grade acetone is not typically pure enough to be completely safe for food, drug, or medicinal use. ACS grade acetone, reagent grade acetone, food grade acetone, NF grade acetone, USP grade acetone and HPLC grade acetone are suggested for food, drug, medicine, botanical and plant extraction applications and processes. Laboratory grade acetone is the type of grade that is typically used in industrial and manufacturing solvent applications. Laboratory grade acetone is frequently titled industrial grade acetone. 

Medical Grade Acetone For Sale

Medical grade acetone is an ACS grade acetone used by medical facilities for sanitation procedures and and dermatologists for acne remedies and chemical peels. Acetone can also be used in medical research settings for destaining microscope slides in certain instances.

Anhydrous Acetone For Sale

Anhydrous acetone is acetone with no water content. Anhydrous acetone may still have other impurities (less than .1%).

HPLC Grade Acetone  (≥99.9%)

HPLC grade acetone refers to the quality of the mobile phase ingredients and solution, not the sample.  High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a form of column chromatography that pumps a sample mixture or analyte in a solvent (known as the mobile phase) such as acetone at high pressure through a column with chromatographic packing material (stationary phase).  HPLC grade acetone is a used for diagnostic testing and also during the comprehensive analysis of bioactive compounds in plant material.

Information About Acetone From PubChem

Acetone is a colorless, volatile, flammable organic solvent. Acetone occurs naturally in plants, trees, forest fires, vehicle exhaust and as a breakdown product of animal fat metabolism. This agent may be normally present in very small quantities in urine and blood; larger amounts may be found in the urine and blood of diabetics. Acetone is toxic in high doses. Acetone is one of the ketone bodies produced during ketoacidosis. Acetone is not regarded as a waste product of metabolism. However, its physiological role in biochemical machinery is not clear. A model for the role of acetone metabolism is presented that orders the events occurring in acetonemia in sequence: in diabetic ketosis or starvation, ketone body production (b-hydroxy-butyrate, acetoacetate) provides fuel for vital organs (heart, brain . ) raising the chance of survival of the metabolic catastrophe. However, when ketone body production exceeds the degrading capacity, the accumulating acetoacetic acid presents a new challenge to the pH regulatory system. Acetone production and its further degradation to C3 fragments fulfill two purposes: the maintenance of pH buffering capacity and provision of fuel for peripheral tissues. Since ketosis develops under serious metabolic circumstances, all the mechanisms that balance or moderate the effects of ketosis enhance the chance for survival. From this point of view, the theory that transportable C3 fragments can serve as additional nutrients is a novel view of acetone metabolism which introduces a new approach to the study of acetone degradation, especially in understanding its physiological function and the interrelationship between liver and peripheral tissues. (PMID: 10580530). Acetone is typically derived from acetoacetate through the action of microbial acetoacetate decarboxylases found in gut microflora. In chemistry, acetone is the simplest representative of the ketones. Acetone is a colorless, mobile, flammable liquid readily soluble in water, ethanol, ether, etc. , and itself serves as an important solvent. Acetone is an irritant and inhalation may lead to hepatotoxic effects (causing liver damage). Acetone is a manufactured chemical that is also found naturally in the environment. It is a colorless liquid with a distinct smell and taste. It evaporates easily, is flammable, and dissolves in water. It is also called dimethyl ketone, 2-propanone, and beta-ketopropane. Acetone is used to make plastic, fibers, drugs, and other chemicals. It is also used to dissolve other substances. It occurs naturally in plants, trees, volcanic gases, forest fires, and as a product of the breakdown of body fat. It is present in vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke, and landfill sites. Industrial processes contribute more acetone to the environment than natural processes. Read more here.

Buy Acetone Online, Locally Near You And By Phone In Bulk In The United States

Acetone is also known as propan-2-one, dimethyl ketone, propanone, ketone propane, among many other lesser used names, and has the chemical configuration (CH3)2CO. Acetone is for sale online by Lab Alley, an acetone wholesale supplier and distributor headquartered in Austin, Texas. Laboratory and extraction facility purchasing managers can buy 500 mL bottles, 1 and 4 liter bottles, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums of acetone. (CAS Number: 67-64-1).

Acetone has been determined to be a safe indirect food additive in adhesives and food-contact coatings. It is a clear, colorless liquid that is flammable and should be handled with care. As per FDA rules and regulations, acetone should not exist in its pure form in substances intended for consumption.

Acetone is a volatile liquid mainly used as a solvent, color diluent and flavor enhancer in the food industry. It is also used as an extractant due to its miscibility with many organic solvents, water, and oils.

For Home And Commercial Use As A Solvent | For Sale Online In The USA | 99.5% C3H6O | Nail Polish Remover | For Stripping Wood | ACS Reagent Grade | Bulk 55 Gallon Drums | General Anesthetic | For Academic Settings, Laboratories And Manufacturing Facilities | For Use In Workshops, Homes, Wood Shops, Beauty Parlors, Hair and Nail Salons, For Home Use | Solvent For Plastics And Synthetic Fibers | Ethanol Denaturant | No Permit Required | 1 Liter = 1.06 Quarts | 4 Liters = 1.06 Gallons | Remove Wood Finishes | For Stripping Wood

Acetone, an organic compound, is the simplest ketone. At room temperature, it is a colorless, volatile, and flammable liquid. It is miscible in water, benzene, diethyl ether, methanol, chloroform and ethanol. Acetone has a pungent, unpleasant floral odor. Its boiling point is 56.05 °C. The molar mass of acetone is 58.080 g·mol−1, and its density is 0.7845 g/cm³.


Acetone is a solvent for cleaning solutions in laboratory settings and for other miscellaneous household products such as finger nail polish remover and paint and lacquer thinners. In the textile industry, acetone is often used for degreasing wool and degumming silk. The plastics industry is the largest consumer of acetone, using approximately half of all acetone produced annually for the manufacture of epoxy resins and polycarbonates. 

Synonyms for Acetone: Propanone, Ketone Propane, Propan-2 One, Dimethyl Ketone

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