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Isopropanol (CAS 67-63-0) has various synonyms, including isopropyl alcohol, 2 propanol, rubbing alcohol, or as an abbreviation IPA, and has the chemical configuration [(CH3)2CHOH]. Isopropyl alcohol is the least complex secondary alcohol, and is used in the manufacture and final product of a wide variety of household and industrial products such as antiseptics, antibacterial formulas, and detergents. Isopropanol is an isomer of propyl alcohol. At room temperature, isopropanol is a clear, colorless liquid with a distinct and pungent odor. Isopropanol is highly flammable and toxic to ingest; it should be handled with care.

Because isopropyl alcohol can be consumed, it is subject to the excise tax laws that also apply to ethanol. All alcohols that can be consumed to achieve intoxicating effects in humans are subject to excise taxes, making other chemicals like heptane and hexane popular for chemical processes requiring the use of a generic solvent. Consuming isopropanol in the place of ethanol or an ethanol-derived spirit is extremely dangerous.

Isopropyl alcohol solutions with a higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol dry faster than those with lower isopropyl alcohol content. Most often, the diluting additive is water (H2O). For this reason, it is generally not recommended to use any isopropyl alcohol less than 99% pure to clean sensitive electronics. To purchase the highest purity isopropyl alcohol available, click here.

Isopropyl alcohol is the main ingredient in many common household products, such as Purell, Clorox Wipes, Rust-Oleum Graffiti Remover, Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner, StoneTech Polish, Canon Color Ink Cartridges, EcoSmart Insect Repellent, Frontline Pet Spray, and many more.


  • As a solvent for organic chemical reactions.
  • As a solvent for oils, gums, alkaloids, ethyl cellulose, and other organic compounds.
  • As a cleaning agent for solutions requiring a antibacterial or germicidal solution, such as detergents and antiseptics.
  • In medical settings, as a disinfectant for skin surrounding injection sites.

Synonyms for Isopropanol: Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 Propanol, Rubbing Alcohol, IPA, Propan-2-ol

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