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PCR Plates

PCR Plates provide superior rigidity due to being manufactured from medical grade polypropylene. These can withstand centrifugation of 6,000 RCF in a fully supported rotor. The PCR Plates can also withstand temperatures of up to 100ºC, with ultra-thin walls that accelerate heat transfer. These a...

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Multi Well Plates

Used to store sample containers, Multi Well Plates help minimize the risk of cross contamination with its plate cover design. The thin-walled well bottoms also increase thermal consistency, reducing the edge effect. Multi Well Plates are sterilized by electron beams, preventing contamination. The...

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Deep Well Plates

Made from high quality, medical grade polypropylene, these Deep Well Plates are great for storage of microtubes and cryovials. They are highly resistant to chemicals, making it safe to use for any laboratory experiment. Three types of Deep Well Plates are available: 1.0 mL plates with round well...

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