Building a Better Future

Elevating ESG Excellence

Sustainability In Action

Lab Alley is dedicated to building a better future for our team members, customers, vendors, and suppliers by developing and promoting programs that further our efforts to enhance environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) criteria.

As an essential chemical company rooted in organic, earth-based ingredients we understand the devastating impacts global challenges, like climate change, can have on our society. From rising sea levels to an increase in global temperatures, ecosystems and communities around the world are feeling the impacts of global warming.

Environmental Values

Lab Alley is a dedicated partner in the global effort to minimize humanity’s carbon footprint. We understand true sustainability is a continuous and consistent effort to minimize environmental impacts. We’re taking huge strides in the fight against global warming through our environmental commitments, including:

Partnership with Eco-drive

Providing organic, food grade, vegan, kosher and halal product options for customers that are environmentally friendly.

Implementing water conservation through rainwater collection at our warehouses.

Utilizing recycled materials in product packaging.

Social Values

Lab Alley prides ourselves on our ability to build positive, collaborative and strong working relationships with our team members, customers, vendors and suppliers. Our mission is to utilize policies that build positivity, diversity, equity and inclusion

We incorporate behavioral based interview training to reduce bias.

Governmental Values

Lab Alley strives for continuous improvements in transparency and accountability, to develop a work culture that can drive efficiencies, productivity, and employe retention, including:

Minimal work travel by leveraging alternative technologies.

Offering flex-work options for team members.

Conducting routine internal audits to expand existing processes and controls.

Utilizing cyber security training and data management policies. 

Workplace safety education including anti-violence, anti-bullying, anti-harassment and a drug-free environment.

Offering remote working training, where applicable. 

Minimizing water usage and solid waste.

Eliminating or reducing environmental health hazards and hazardous materials.

Working with suppliers and vendors who uphold the same or substantially similar commitments to environmental sustainability.

Business Integrity

Our business is conducted lawfully and with integrity. All of our employees and others with whom we do business must:

Business Integrity

Not engage in bribery.

Disclose any conflicts of interest.

Not accept gifts, hospitality, or entertainment in exchange for influencing future business.

Engage in competitive behavior in compliance with all relevant antitrust or other laws and regulations.

Conduct all business dealings transparently.

Safeguard all confidential material.

Comply with all federal, state, territorial, and international laws, including those related to data protection and antitrust.