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Buy Hexanes 99.9% ACS Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Hexanes 99.9% ACS Grade For Sale And In Stock | 500ml $36 | 2.5 Liters $65 | 1 Gallon $70 | 4 x 1 Gallon Case $230 | 4 Liters $75 | 4 x 4 Liters Case $246 | 5 Gallons $240 | 20 Liters $240 | 55 Gallons $1300 | CAS: 110-54-3 | Chemical Formula: C6H14 | PubChem CID: 8058 | UN Number: 1208

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Buy n-Hexane 95% ACS Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of n-Hexane 95% ACS Grade For Sale And In Stock | 1 Gallon $60 | 4 x 1 Gallon Case $196 | 5 Gallons $200 | 55 Gallons $1400 | CAS: 142-82-5 | Chemical Formula: C7H16 | PubChem CID: 8058 | UN Number: 1208

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Buy Hexanes Lab Grade Online | Prices, Sizes And Quantities Of Hexanes Lab Grade For Sale And In Stock | 500ml $20 | 1 Liter $25 | 1 Gallon $40 | 4 x 1 Gallon Case $132 | 4 Liters $45 | 4 x 4 Liters Case $82 | 5 Gallons $150 | 55 Gallons $700 | CAS: 110-54-3 | Chemical Formula: C6H14 | PubChem CID: 8058 | UN Number: 1208

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n-Hexane 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade | Prices From $40+

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You can buy Hexane​ online or you can call 512-668-9918 to order your chemicals by phone. High purity Hexane​ is in stock and is ready to be shipped to your home, laboratory or business. The CAS Registry Number, PubChem compound identifier (CID), chemical formula and UN number for Hexane​ are listed for each product. Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Hexane​, here. Get information on the chemical specifications, properties and structure of Hexane.

Review the details, description and product details so that you can order the right type of Hexane for common household uses, scientific and industrial applications. Synonyms and alternate names for Hexane​ are listed for reference. Lab Alley sells a wide range of brands, grades, percentages, qualities and purities. Chemical safety, hazards and handling information is provided. Read ratings and reviews from customers that have bought Hexane​ online at LabAlley.com When applicable, you can use this discount code, LAB10OFF, to save 10% when you purchase Hexane​ online.

In 2021, chemical substances ordered online at LabAlley.com are frequently used in the United States in daily life in homes and households for cleaning and sanitizing. Common chemical compounds supplied by Lab Alley are used in research and production the pharmaceutical industry, in academic chemistry laboratories, in school science classes for experiments, in industrial applications, in agriculture (agrichemicals), and for botanical and herbal extraction. They are used to make, process and preserve food products, at water treatment plants, for ingredients used to produce cosmetics, for organic farming, to control and kill pests (pesticides) and in manufacturing consumer products and goods.

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If you have questions about ordering chemically pure hexane (99.9%) online in the USA at LabAlley.com or would like to place an order, call 512-668-9918 or email customerservice@laballey.com to talk with a Hexane Specialist. Contact us for hexane safety data sheet (SDS/MSDS) or download it here.

Hexane, ACS Reagent is used for HPLC and Spectrophotometry. n-Hexane is a colorless liquid and almost insoluble in water.

Lab Alley is a reliable supplier of Hexane to homes, laboratories, extraction facilities, food processing plants, manufacturing operations and retail businesses throughout the United States. Lab Alley also sells research chemicals and laboratories chemicals at discounted prices. 

High quality ACS Grade n-Hexane 99% is available in different packing sizes. Hexane ACS, Reagent Grade is used as a solvent to extract edible oils from seed and vegetable crops. It is used for inks, glues (rubber cement, adhesives) and varnishes. Hexane is an essential component of petroleum ether. Hexane can be obtained from petroleum by distillation.

Information About Hexane From PubChem 

Pure n-Hexane is a colorless liquid with a slightly disagreeable odor. It is highly flammable, and its vapors can be explosive. Hexane is an unbranched alkane containing six carbon atoms. It has a role as a non-polar solvent and a neurotoxin. It is an alkane and a volatile organic compound.

Information About Hexane From Wikipedia 

Hexanes are commonly used in chromatography as a non-polar solvent. Hexane is an organic compound, a straight-chain alkane with six carbon atoms and has the molecular formula C₆H₁₄. Hexane is a significant constituent of gasoline.

More Information About Hexane

  • CAS Registry Number: 110-54-3
  • Boiling point: 156.2°F (69°C)
  • Molar mass: 86.18 g/mol
  • ChemSpider ID: 7767
  • Formula: C6H14
  • Density: 655 kg/m³
  • Mol: 86.178 g
  • Classification: Alkane

Common household products, such as spray adhesives, contact cement, arts and craft paints, and stain removers contain hexane. Hexane costs start at $20.

Uses And Applications Of Hexane Ordered At LabAlley.com

In solvent extraction, n-hexane is used as a solvent for its attributes such as simple recovery, non-polar nature, low latent heat of vaporization (330 kJ/kg) and high selectivity to solvents.

Hexane is a solvent widely used as an industrial cleaner and degreaser and is an ingredient in many consumer products. Hexane is used to extract edible oils from seeds and vegetables, as a special-use solvent, and as a cleaning agent. Hexane is used for extraction because it evaporates quickly and will boil at 156° F.

Hexane is a chemical solvent that has a high evaporation rate and low boiling point, making it ideal for extraction of plant based oils such as soy bean oil.

The key difference between hexane and cyclohexane is that hexane is an acyclic alkane while cyclohexane is a cyclic alkane with a ring structure. They both have six carbon atoms, but a different number of hydrogen atoms. This leads to the differences in their molecular structure and other properties.

HPLC Grade Hexane is a colorless liquid used in chemical and science laboratories as a non-polar (mobile phase) solvent in high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Hexane Extraction Process

In the solvent extraction (SE) process, oilseeds are washed with hexane, thereafter the hexane is separated from oil by evaporation and distillation. Hexane has been widely used for oil extraction because of easy oil recovery, narrow boiling point (63–69 °C) and excellent solubilizing ability.

A chemical solvent, like hexane, is introduced to grape seeds followed by a high heat to draw out all the oil. Overheating during extraction will change the flavor of the oil and it is also believed to adversely affect the natural fatty oils and antioxidants inside the oil.


Information On The Uses Of Hexane From Wikipedia

In industry, hexanes are used in the formulation of glues for shoes, leather products, and roofing. They are also used to extract cooking oils (such as canola oil or soy oil) from seeds, for cleansing and degreasing a variety of items, and in textile manufacturing. They are commonly used in food based soybean oil extraction in the United States, and are potentially present as contaminants in all soy food products in which the technique is used; the lack of regulation by the FDA of this contaminant is a matter of some controversy.

A typical laboratory use of hexanes is to extract oil and grease contaminants from water and soil for analysis. Since hexane cannot be easily deprotonated, it is used in the laboratory for reactions that involve very strong bases, such as the preparation of organolithiums. For example, butyllithiums are typically supplied as a hexane solution.

Hexanes are commonly used in chromatography as a non-polar solvent. Higher alkanes present as impurities in hexanes have similar retention times as the solvent, meaning that fractions containing hexane will also contain these impurities. In preparative chromatography, concentration of a large volume of hexanes can result in a sample that is appreciably contaminated by alkanes. This may result in a solid compound being obtained as an oil and the alkanes may interfere with analysis.