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Toluidine Blue Dye (Stain)

Toluidine Blue Dye (Stain) | Dye Penetrate Solution (0.05% Toluidine Blue/0.05% Triton) | ToB Toluidine Blue Dye Product Summary Buy Liquid Dye Penetrant For $26 | Buy 1 Gallon Of Toluidine Blue Dye (Stain) For $512 | Aqueous Dye Penetrant Solution | SDS | COA | For Dye Penetrant Testing | For V...

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Malachite Green Staining Dye

Malachite Green 0.1% Aqueous Solution | 25ml, 100ml & 500ml Bottles | Staining Dye | For Microbiology, Endospore, Ich, Koi Fish Fungus, Fin Rot, Velvet | Aquaculture Antimicrobial | Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antiparasitic Malachite Green 0.1% Aqueous Solution For Sale Online At LabAlley...

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