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    Chemical Properties Of Malachite Green Oxalate Sold Online At

    • CAS Number: 2437-29-8
    • Molecular Formula: C48H50N4O4-2H2C2O4
    • Formula Weight: 927.03
    • Absorption Max: 614 (425) nm
    • Interval (1): pH 0.0 (yellow) to pH 2.0 (green)
    • Interval (2): pH 11.6 (blue-green) to pH 14.0 (colorless)

    Malachite Green Chemical Properties And Reference Information

    Information On Malachite Green From Wikipedia

    Malachite green is an organic compound that is used as a dyestuff and controversially as an antimicrobial in aquaculture. Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye for materials such as silk, leather, and paper. Despite its name the dye is not prepared from the mineral malachite, and the name just comes from the similarity of color.


    Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye. Kilotonnes of MG and related triarylmethane dyes are produced annually for this purpose. MG is active against the oomycete Saprolegnia, which infects fish eggs in commercial aquaculture, MG has been used to treat Saprolegnia and is used as an antibacterial. It is a very popular treatment against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in freshwater aquaria. The principal metabolite, LMG, is found in fish treated with malachite green, and this finding is the basis of controversy and government regulation. See also Antimicrobials in aquaculture. MG has frequently been used to catch thieves and pilferers. The bait, usually money, is sprinkled with the anhydrous powder. Anyone handling the contaminated money will find that on upon washing the hands, a green stain on the skin that lasts for several days will result.

    Niche Uses Of Malachite Green 

    Numerous niche applications exploit the intense color of MG. It is used as a biological stain for microscopic analysis of cell biology and tissue samples. In the Gimenez staining method, basic fuchsin stains bacteria red or magenta, and malachite green is used as a blue-green counterstain. Malachite green is also used in endospore staining, since it can directly stain endospores within bacterial cells; here a safranin counterstain is often used. Malachite green can also be used as a saturable absorber in dye lasers, or as a pH indicator between pH 0.2–1.8. However, this use is relatively rare.

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    You can buy Malachite Green Powder for $20 online, locally or call 512-668-9918 to order bulk sizes. Your packages will be shipped in 1-2 business days via UPS or LTL. Lab Alley Brand Malachite Green Powder is for sale in bulk sizes and is in stock. Handy individual consumer size containers for DIY projects are leak resistant. This high quality compound is made in America. It is a high purity chemical substance that is ideally suited for scientific, development, analytical, clinical, medical, research and testing applications. Malachite Green Powder is delivered quickly to laboratories, factories and businesses in safe chemical resistant containers. 

    Manufacturing size drums, IBC totes, pallet loads and bulk industrial production scale quantities are shipped from Lab Alley's U.S.-based distribution centers by LTL freight carriers. Request a discounted wholesale price quote, here. Read customer and product reviews, here. Read return and refund policies, here. Lab Alley, founded in 2013, is a reliable Malachite Green Powder supplier and distributor headquartered near Austin, Texas. Lab Alley was a 2021 Inc. 5000 honoree. Email if you have questions about buying Malachite Green Powder. 

    Download the Malachite Green Powder MSDS/SDS to get safety tips and health hazard information. Malachite Green Powder should be carefully handled, stored in a cool dry place and chemical waste should be disposed of properly and safely.

    Malachite Green Powder Retail Prices, Package Sizes And Bulk Quantity Ordering Options: 10g $20, 25g $40, 500g $128, 2.5kg $559.

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