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Peracetic Acid
Peracetic Acid is a reactive byproduct made from the mix of acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Within the food and beverage industries, peracetic acid is primarily used as a sanitizer throughout the processing and handling of various raw poultry, meat, and vegetable food materials, as well as during beverage bottling processes. It sterilizes all types of hard surfaces and kills bacteria that may result in health issues. Peracetic acid is highly effective, eco-friendly and has minimal toxicity.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer that can be used as a bleaching agent in certain foods like flour. It can also be utilized as an antimicrobial agent in food items like milk, as well as a sterilizer in food packaging materials. Most often, hydrogen peroxide is used, at higher concentrations, as a surface cleaner and disinfectant.
Food Grade Ethanol
Food grade ethanol, organic sugarcane ethanol, and organic corn ethanol has numerous applications throughout the food and beverage industries. It is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages and is also used in formulating extractions and flavors, such as vanilla, lemon, chocolate, cinnamon, and much more. To be considered safe for use in the food and beverage industries, non-denatured ethanol is required because it is free from additives and denaturants.
Glycolic Acid
Caffeine powder can be found as a white crystalline form and is used mostly in the food and beverage industry in coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate. It is a central nervous system stimulant and works to enhance and increase alertness, cognitive power, concentration, and performance.
Glycolic Acid
Citric Acid is a tricarboxylic acid and can be found naturally occurring in citrus fruits like lemons and limes. Because it closely resembles table salt, it is commonly referred to as “sour salt” in markets and grocery stores. Throughout the food and beverage industries, citric acid is mostly used as a flavor enhancement in drinks, a preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria, as a stabilizer during cheese processing and production, and as an additive in frozen foods to enhance the actions of antioxidants.
Glycolic Acid
Sodium Benzoate is used mostly in the food and beverage industries as a preservative to prevent food from growing bacteria and molding. It helps to maintain freshness in foods by slowing or preventing changes in color, texture, flavor, and even pH levels. In beverages, sodium benzoate is used as a preservative to protect the taste and extend shelf life.

Activated carbon (charcoal)
Activated carbon (charcoal) is a product widely used in the food and beverage industries due to its ability to purify. Food companies use activated carbon to remove undesired impurities, like taste, color, and smell. In the beverage production sector of this industry, activated carbon is used as a filtration media to remove toxic contaminants in the water purification process to ensure the quality meets specific standards and demands.

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