Glycerin 99% USP/NF/FCC/Food Grade, Kosher

100% Vegetable Based, Suitable For Food, Drug, And Medical Purposes

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Food Grade
GRAS Generally Recognized as Safe

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About Glycerin 99% USP/NF/FCC/Food Grade, Kosher

Glycerin 99% USP/NF/FCC/Food Grade, Kosher from Lab Alley is a compound that meets all the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), in addition to the National Formulary (NF) and the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). This product is also regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and is internationally recognized for its identity, purity, and quality as a food product. Thanks to its high level of purity, 99%, it can be used for food, drug, and medical purposes, and also for most laboratory purposes.

Our Glycerin is 100% vegetable based, with Kosher certification, meaning that it is made from kosher vegetable oil or petroleum and processed on kosher equipment. It has a clear appearance, and it is a heavy and viscous emollient that can be commonly used in anything from edibles, vape liquids, tinctures, chocolates, lotions, body scrubs, and face care products.

This chemical compound, made of palm oil and other vegetable oils, is available for the use of all kosher products and also It is used in the cosmetic and body care industry to assist in retaining moisture and pulling oxygen into the skin.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Substitute for Liquid Sugar or Sugar Alcohol
  • Ingredient in Chewing Gum
  • Solvent
  • Cake Icing and Sweetener
  • Food Coloring
  • Toothpaste
  • Shaving Cream
  • Soap and Shampoo
  • Softener and Moisturizer
  • Cough Syrup, Elixirs, and Expectorants
  • Tablet-holding agent


Chemistry Table

Glycerol, Glycerin, Glycerine, 1,2,3-Propanetriol, Glycyl alcohol, Trihydroxypropane, Glyceritol, Propanetriol, Osmoglyn, Grocolene, Propane-1,2,3-triol
Min 99%

Glycerin 99% USP/NF/FCC/Food Grade, Kosher Specifications

Assay 99.0-101.0%
Specific Gravity @ 25°C Min 1.258
Color To Pass Test
Residue on Ignition 0.01%
Chloride 0.001%
Sulfate 0.002%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 5 ppm
Chlorinated Compounds 30 ppm
Water 2.0%
Organic Volatile Impurities To Pass Test
Fatty Acids and Esters To Pass Test
Chromatographic Impurities To Pass Test
Acidity or Alkalinity To Pass Test
Refractive Index 1.470-1.475
Aldehydes and Reducing Substances To Pass Test

Safety and Shipping Information

GRAS Reference Citation 21 FR 182.1320.

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Glycerin, USP/NF/FCC.

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  • I was curious what the typical expiration date for this product would be? Does it vary between the gallon size and the liter size?

    The typical shelf life for this product is 3 years from the date of manufacturing irregardless of the size.