Ethanol 140 Proof (70%) Non-Denatured Alcohol, USP/FCC Food Grade, Kosher

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Undenatured Ethanol, 140 Proof Ethanol Food Grade, Ethyl Alcohol 140 Proof 100%, 140 Proof Ethyl Alcohol Absolute, 140 Proof Dehydrated Ethanol, 140 Proof Anhydrous Ethanol, 04-355-309 (CS), 04-355-305 (CS), 04-355-350 (EA), 04-355-175 (EA), 07-678-001 (CS), 04-355-351 (EA), 04-355-56, 04-355-54
USP/FCC Food Grade
Ethanol 140 Proof Pure

Buy Ethanol 140 Proof Undenatured Alcohol Online: 

Ethanol 140 Proof contains 70% of ethanol in 30% contents of purified water. It exhibits alcoholic characteristics and possesses a sweet taste. Unlike denatured Ethanol, it is free from methanol which is why it's undenatured. Ethyl alcohol fully complies with the USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and the FCC (Food Chemicals Codex). This makes undenatured ethanol uses for the food and beverage industry and medications. Undenatured alcohol 140 proof 70% is certified as Kosher Grade alcohol based on its ingredients and production processes.

Ethanol 140 Proof 70% Undenatured Ethanol, USP FCC Grade Kosher Features:

Proof 138.6 – 141.4
Specific Gravity 0.886 – 0.888 @ 20°C
Appearance Clear liquid, free from sediment
Color (Pt-Co) 10 max

Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Solvent
  • Reagent   
  • Food industry
  • Botanical extractions
Safety Information:

To learn more about undenatured ethyl alcohol, please download Lab Alley's PDF, Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Below, please feel free to download PDF, Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Ethanol 140 Proof Pure (100%), Undenatured, USP Food Grade, 

Shipping and Handling:

Lab Alley is the top seller of commercial and industrial 140 proof 70% undenatured ethanol. We have the best prices online. Ethyl alcohol sizes are from 500mL to pail pallets and box pallets. For bulk orders, please call LabAlley customer service, 512-668-9918 or email us at, We ship within 1-2 business days in the US and Canada. Federal Tax is included in the price. No federal permit required to buy undenatured ethanol 140 proof 70% USP FCC food grade Kosher

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Download Product Specification Sheet