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YouTube Video Testimonial Titled "Reasons Lab Alley Is The Perfect Choice"
Uploaded By Lab Alley On December 7, 2021

Lab Alley Reviews

Learn about the customer service at Lab Alley and the quality of the products sold by the company. The corporate headquarters are located at 22111 Highway 71 West, Suite 601, Spicewood, Texas 78669. The company was founded in 2013. 

Lab Alley is a legitimate, woman-owned, specialty chemical supplier that sells to individual buyers, schools, laboratories, consumer product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, industrial firms and academic research institutions in the United States. 

What is Lab Alley? 

The Lab Alley online store sells kid safe chemicals, organic substances, natural compounds and food grade ingredients that are used for household cleaning, extracting bioactive compounds from plants, food production, medicine, agriculture, personal care products, medicinal oils, cosmetics, pools, lawn care and pest control.

Lab Alley LLC is a woman-owned small business enterprise that distributes laboratory consumables, chemicals and reagents to Biotech, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, R&D, Industrial, Academia/Education, and Government Agencies. We actively market our product portfolio to customers within our targeted market segments.

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Uploaded To YouTube On February 25, 2020 By Lab Alley is the online lab supply and chemical shop for Lab Alley. Buy safe products locally at a Lab Alley distribution center, online at or by phone at 512-668-9918.