Ethanol 200 Proof (100%) Completely Denatured with Heptane, Extraction Grade

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Ethyl Alcohol, Dehydrated Ethanol, Anhydrous Ethanol, Methyl carbinol, Grain Alcohol, Ethyl Hydroxide, Ethyl Hydrate, Algrain, Alkohol, Anhydrol, Tecsol
Ethanol 200 Proof Denatured

Buy Ethanol 200 Proof 100% Denatured with Heptane Extraction Grade: sells high quality ethanol 200 proof denatured heptane extraction grade at affordable prices. Our ethanol contains 95% pure ethanol with 5% of n-Heptane, added for denaturing purposes. The maximum achievable purity of ethanol through the distillation process is only 95% with water. An azeotrope is formed by adding n-Heptane. Upon removal of water gives 100% ethanol the term extraction grade 100% denatured ethanol. Lab Alley's Ethanol 200 proof is certified from the American Chemical Society (ACS) due to its premium quality and high purity.

Lab Alley Ethanol 200 Proof 100% Denatured Alcohol with Heptane, Extraction Grade Features:

Ethanol, 200 Proof 95.8%
n-Heptane 4.2%
Appearance Clear thin liquid
Color (APHA) < 15 Pt-Co
Odor Characteristic
Suspended matter Substantially free from particulate
Specific gravity @ 60°F 0.785 - 0.793
Water content,% (ppm) NMT 0.2 (2000)
Identity (GC) Compares to standard

Common Uses for Ethanol 200 Proof 
  • Paints
  • Cleaning agent
  • Adhesives
Commercial & Industrial Applications Denatured with Heptane Extraction Grade
  • Brake fluid
  • Paint thinners
  • Plastics manufacturing
Safety and Handling:

High Purity Extraction Grade Ethanol is Hazardous. Hazmat fee required. DOT: Alcohol, n.o.s. (ethanol), 3, UN1987, PG II)

Please download a PDF Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Below, please find a PDF Certificate of Analysis (COA) for 200 Proof Ethanol Denatured with Heptane Extraction Grade (No Excise Tax).

Shipping information:

Buy LabAlley ethanol 200 proof 100% undenatured with Heptane Extraction Grade from 500mL to pallets, or in bulk. For bulk orders, please call Lab Alley customer service, 512-668-9918 or email us at, We ship within 1-2 business days in the US and Canada.

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Download Product Specification Sheet