Cryo Vial Cryogenic Boxes, 2 Inch 100 Well Blue Polycarbonate


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These Cryo Vial Cryogenic Boxes are highly resistant to chemicals, making it suitable for long-time laboratory use. The drain holes and air vents of these cryogenic boxes allow for minimal condensation.

The Cryo Vial Cryogenic Boxes come in 10x10 (100-well) sizes, with numbered grids for quick visual identification of samples. These can also be repeatedly frozen and thawed for recurrent use.

Cryo Vial Cryogenic Boxes Features:


  • Can be repeatedly frozen and thawed
  • Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • Drain holes and air vents minimize condensation
  • Made of tough polycarbonate
  • With numbered grids for sample identification
  • 10x10 (100-well) box

Cryo Vial Cryogenic Boxes Specifications:


  • Material(s): Polycarbonate
  • Size(s): 1 in., 2 in.

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