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SKU: G1018-1
Orange Polystyrene Sterile L-Shaped Cell Spreader.  Spreaders Come Individually Wrapped. 500/Case, Price/Case
SKU: G1018-2
Orange Polystyrene Sterile L-Shaped Cell Spreader.  Spreaders Come Packed In A Sterile Zip-Seal Bag. 10 Spreaders/Pack, 50 Packs/Case, Price/Case

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Made for easy and even spreading of bacterial cultures, Cell Spreaders are ideal to use for these kinds of experiments. The L-shape makes the application of samples on petri dishes and plate surfaces much quicker and smoother.
The Cell Spreaders slight upward angle also reduces the risk of causing damage to the surface of the gel. These have also been sterilized by gamma radiation, preventing contamination of samples.

Cell Spreaders Features:


  • Available in individually-wrapped packages and 10 pieces per bag
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for even spreading of bacterial cultures
  • Includes resealable bag
  • L-shape allows application on petri dish or plate surface
  • Smooth spreading surface with slight upward angle reduces risk of damaging agar surface
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation

Cell Spreaders Specifications:


  • Material(s): Polystyrene
  • Sterile: Yes

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