Nitric Acid 70%, ACS Reagent Grade

Strong Oxidizing And Reducing Agent Also Known As Hydrogen Nitrate

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About Nitric Acid 70% Solution, ACS Reagent Grade

Nitric Acid (HNO3) is a highly corrosive and strong mineral acid and it is distinguished by its potent antioxidant property. Like other Nitric Acid percentages of concentration, in its pure form appears colorless but, over time, tends to acquire a yellow cast due to the decomposition of the nitrate; it has a sour odor.

Nitric acid is commonly used in various industrial and laboratory applications due to its strong oxidizing properties. 

  • Chemical Manufacturing: Nitric acid is a key ingredient in the production of fertilizers, explosives (such as dynamite), and various organic and inorganic nitrogen compounds.

  • Metal Processing: It is used in metal etching, metal cleaning, and metal polishing processes. Nitric acid can remove oxide layers from metals, making it useful in surface treatment and preparation.

  • Laboratory Applications: It is commonly employed in laboratory settings for analytical chemistry, where it is used as a reagent or solvent for various experiments and reactions.

  • Cleaning and Passivation: Nitric acid can be used to clean and passivate stainless steel and other metals, removing contaminants and creating a protective oxide layer on the surface.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Reducing agent
  • Oxidizing agent
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Metal processing
  • Rocket propellant


Chemistry Table

Hydrogen nitrate, Aqua fortis, Azotic acid, Salpetersaeure, Nitrooxidanyl
ACS Reagent Grade
Nitric acid

Nitric Acid 70% Solution, ACS Reagent Grade Specifications

Assay 69.2%
Appearance Colorless, Free from Suspended Matter/Sediment
Physical Form Liquid
Color (APHA) 5
Residue after Ignition 1 ppm
Chloride <0.2 ppm
Sulfate <0.1 ppm
Arsenic 0.001 ppm
Heavy Metals (as Pb) <0.1 ppm
Iron <0.05 ppm
Nickel <0.05 ppm
Mercury <0.005 ppm

Safety and Shipping Information

DOT: Nitric Acid, 8, UN2031, PG II, A

Nitric Acid Solution 70% ACS Grade is Hazardous. Hazmat fee required. 

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Nitric Acid Solution 70% ACS Grade. 

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  • Hello, we are trying to source mfg that could synthesize Nitric acid 98% min. 7697-37-2.

    We only offer up to 70% Nitric Acid. 

    Thank you.

  • Will you ship to Kodiak Island, Alaska? How much is the hazmat fee?

    We would love to help you! Since this is not a technical product related question, we kindly ask that you contact our customer care team via e-mail at or via phone at 512-668-9928.

    Thank you.