Nitric Acid 50% Solution, Lab/Technical Grade

Formerly C5722

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Hydrogen nitrate, Aqua fortis, Azotic acid, Salpetersaeure, Nitrooxidanyl
Laboratory Grade
Nitric acid

Nitric Acid (HNO3) is a very corrosive mineral acid commonly known as aqua fortis (a Latin word, which means "strong water") and spirit of niter. Nitric Acid, 50% is a solution of pure Nitric Acid (50% contents) in water and based on this composition, it is also referred to as a 1:1 Nitric Acid solution. Our Nitric Acid 50% is a certified Lab Grade chemical that is mainly utilized for the nitration of other chemicals in process industries. Lab Alley is selling its premium quality Nitric Acid, 50% in the USA having low impurities in terms of heavy metals. Lab Alley highly recommends its Lab Grade chemicals for educational institutes and research-based applications.


Nitric Acid, 50% Features:

Assay (HNO3), wt.% 49 - 51%
Appearance (Color APHA) <= 50
Nitrite (NO2) <=15 ppm
Residue after Ignition <=25 ppm
Chloride (Cl) <=3 ppm
Sulfate (SO4) <=10 ppm
Iron (Fe) <=10 ppm
Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Cleaning agent
Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Ammunition
  • Inks and dyes
  • Aging pine and maple wood
Safety and Handling

Nitric Acid 1:1 Solution, 50% Nitric acid Shipping Information:
DOT: Nitric acid, 8, UN2031, PG II

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Nitric Acid 1:1 Solution, 50% Nitric acid.

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