October 30, 2018


Austin, TX – Lab Alley’s (www.laballey.com) Brand of Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Solution is being featured on a segment called Science Fun on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. Science Fun on Jimmy Kimmel Live is a special segment aired live whereby fun science demonstrations and experiments are held by Science Bob with occasional participation from Jimmy Kimmel!

“We are really honored to have our Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution being used on the Science Fun segment with Science Bob on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show” says Fred Elabed, Partner of Lab Alley LLC. Lab Alley’s Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution is a top seller within the category of Hydrogen Peroxide . A few main reasons of its popularity is that is it food grade and 32% being the highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is offered in the marketplace. Lab Alley’s in-depth research shows that companies are looking for a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide in order to achieve their best scientific outcome within the laboratory facility. “I think the reason why we are becoming the go-to supplier for Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution is because we offer a wide variety of sizes, competitive prices, and quality. In addition to the quality of our products, our price of Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution is the most competitive in the Life Science and Chemical industry. We know that have a strong value proposition within the product segment of Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution ,” adds Fred Elabed.

In addition to Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution, Lab Alley offers a full line of Hydrogen Peroxide in many proofs, grades, and package sizes for general laboratory use and many other applications. Lab Alley offers the following grades and proofs of Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Lab
Hydrogen Peroxide 5% Lab
Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Stabilized
Hydrogen Peroxide 10%
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% Lab
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% ACS
Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab
Hydrogen Peroxide 32% FCC

Click here to find out more about Lab Alley’s brand of Hydrogen Peroxide 32% Lab Grade Solution . Click here to find out more about Lab Alleys’ wide selection of Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions .

About Lab Alley

Lab Alley LLC is a woman-owned small business enterprise that distributes laboratory consumables , chemicals and reagents to Biotech, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, R&D, Industrial, Academia/Education, and Government Agencies. We actively market our product portfolio to customers within our targeted market segments. Our chemicals and reagents categories include Acids , Bases and Caustics , Buffers , Salts and Inorganic Chemicals , Solutions , and Solvents .

Located in the heart of the Austin, Texas, Lab Alley was established with the express goal of offering a cohesive buying experience for laboratories throughout the country and around the world. Our extensive product line and diverse branding are uniquely fitted to meet the needs of our customers. Our comprehensive product website and trained staff are adept at finding the perfect solution for each customer.

For a complete listing of our product portfolio please visit our website at http://www.laballey.com .


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